About the Site

We. Love. Television.

We love comedies, dramas, political shows, family shows, teen shows, reality tv – we love it all.

I (Lauren) recently saw an interview with a famous musician.  He said that it is a common interview question to be asked what you are currently reading.  He said that he always replies to that question with a tv show and not a book – he watches tv way more often than he reads.  I think that sums up my life perfectly.

We use this site to recap all of our favorite shows. Our site currently includes: Scandal recaps, Nashville recaps, New Girl recaps, The Mindy Project recaps, Pretty Little Liars recaps, Downton Abbey recaps, and The Bachelor/ette recaps.  We also sporadically write random posts about varying television topics; i.e. Top Characters Currently on TV and Top 5 Ugly Cry TV Moments.  We also really love gifs and sometimes post tumblr-esque posts of reactions to tv moments.

Let us know if you have any questions or requests for posts or recaps.

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