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16 Reasons Why We Love Fitzgerald Grant

This post is dedicated to some crazy girls that I know who don’t like Fitz for some unknown reason. Fitzgerald Grant III is the best, and he is hot, and everyone loves him.

Spoiler disclaimer: You should maybe not read this if you are not caught up with Season 3 of Scandal.

1. First and foremost, he is smoking hot – especially for a 50-something United States President.


2. He gives beautiful speeches to Liv in the Rose Garden.

3. He walks like this:


4. (Note: Please suspend morals for this one, and adapt new “tv morals.”)

Best line of maybe the whole Olitz relationship:

“What kind of a coward was I to marry her, and not wait for you to show up?”

bus1 bus2 bus3 bus4 bus5 bus6 bus7 bus8

5. He looks like this is a green cable knit sweater:


6. This is what Fitz looks like without the green cable knit sweater. Look at those muscles.

muscles2 muscles1

7. He is THE POTUS! He is the most powerful man in the world! That’s pretty attractive.


8. He has great hair and a super cute smile.


9. He built her a freaking house! He just wants to have a normal life with the woman that he loves.

speech8 speech7 speech6 speech5 speech4 speech3 speech2 speech1

10. He calls her Livvie. So cute.

livvie1 livvie2 livvie3

11. He plays basketball.

bball1 bbball2

12. They have cute phone conversations.

corr1 corr2 corr3 corr4 corr5 corr6

13. He knows that he needs Olivia.

hospital1 hospital2 hospital3 hospital4 hospital5 hospital6 hospital7 hospital8 hospital9 hospital10

14. He has sooooo much emotion in his eyes.

minute1 minute2 minute3 minute4

15. He wants to protect Olivia above all else. He even gave her an emergency code, so she could be brought to the bunker if needed.

hug1 hug0

16. He survived an assassination attempt and is still looking pretty darn good.

died1 died2 died3 died4 died5 died6

I love Fitzgerald Grant. And so should everyone else.


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