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PLL Recap 4×14 & 4×15

Sorry there was no post last week. Whoops. Here are the highlights from the last two episodes.

1. Caleb and Hanna broke up.

Like for real. He came back from Ravenswood, and Hanna thought that he was home to stay. But, considering the fact that Ravenswood is still on the air, we the viewers knew better. He told her that he had to go back for Miranda, and Hanna was upset that he was leaving her for someone else. Now, I don’t watch Ravenswood, but according to a commercial or something that I saw, Miranda is already dead. So what the heck, Caleb?

I love Caleb and Hanna. They seemed to be the most stable couple, and Caleb was always looking out for Hanna. Like he really loved her. Could ABC and the Ravenswood producers not find anyone to play the lead character? I’m mad at them.

2. Ezra is still way super sketch.

Bethany described it as, “They are trying way too hard to make me think that Ezra is bad.” Like, he keeps doing weird and sketchy things, but we still haven’t seen him as A. Like, they showed Ezra driving wearing the A all-black uniform. Then, A showed up at the cabin and locked Aria and Spencer in a room so they could steal Allison’s journal. But, they never showed us Ezra’s face as A. WHY???!?!?! Just tell me if Ezra is bad – because I DO NOT like creepy Ezra.

All of my defending Ezra still can’t fight the fact that he was indeed trying to get Allison’s journal from the girls. When they were reading at the lunch table, he was doing some major stalking. Then, he made up an excuse to go to Hanna’s house, so he could creepily search her room for the journal. And what was he doing on her computer?

3. Someone is still working with Ezra.

When he was in Hanna’s house, someone called Ms. Marin in order to give Ezra time to search the house. That person is working with Ezra, right? I mean, they didn’t even know what apartment they lived in, and they had way too many different problems.  Who is it??

4. Mrs. DiLaurentis is sketch too.

Hanna’s mom is now working for Mrs. DiLaurentis, who is now getting a divorce and spending way too much time with Spencer’s father. Something is going on here. Does she know Allison is alive? WEIRD.

5. I’m tired of scenes where you don’t know if Allison is really there.

Allison may or may not have visited Emily in the night. It was one of those weird scenes where you think that it’s real, but Allison’s face is all back light like she’s in a dream. She is talking to Emily, and then, the next thing you know, Emily wakes up and it’s morning. Dream? Real life? Who can tell anymore?

6. The girls had Allison’s journal and were all trying to decode the stories in it.

Lots of crazy secrets were in it, like Hanna made out with Mike (yes, Aria’s little brother) back in the day. How strange. Anyways, they decoded all of the stories, and then A took it from them.

7. Toby is still supes cute.

Toby thankfully got a haircut between last week’s episode and this one. When his hair is too long, it looks funny. And he’s still super cute, and now Spencer is staying with him.

8. We still don’t know anything!!!!!



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