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Bachelor Bracket Game: Juan Pablo UPDATED

Some of the girls in my Bachelor Viewing Party suggested that I create a Bachelor Bracket for us to predict the winner. So of course I made one.

Bachelor Bracket

You can either:

(1) Try and predict the whole season, and fill in the entire bracket now.

(2) Predict who is going to be eliminated week by week.

It might also be fun to give people extra points if they can correctly guess who gets the one-on-one (and two-on-one) dates every week.

Comment and let us know if you will be using our bracket. We want to know who you think will win! [Please do not participate if you read spoilers. Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.]

Here is a pdf version you can download: Bachelor Bracket




UPDATE: My friends and I decided to fill in our bracket week by week. So I am going to do that. But, I also wanted to fill mine out for the whole season, just to see how good (or terribly bad) I do. If this is awful, oh well. If I am correct, maybe Jimmy Kimmel will let me be his Bachelor consultant or something.

For the record:

Bracket - Lauren

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