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JTinATL was the most amazing night of our lives!!

Like really though, it was so very spectacular. Justin is so very talented, and our only goal in life is to learn to dance like JT.

Here is the story of the best night of our lives in videos, gifs, and pictures.

We were driving to Atlanta and oh so very excited (but also trying to not to have double chins or wreck the car).


Then, we got to the hotel and got dressed and then tried to take a shameless elevator selfie.


But, it was really blurry. Then, someone got in elevator with us, and we couldn’t try again.

We got to the Philips Arena and took a pic on the fake red carpet area thing that they had set up.


Then, we got to our seats and were oh so very excited again.


Our seats were great!

JT4photo 1

Then, some DJ played for like an hour, and everyone was like, “BRING OUT JT!!! WHERE IS HE!?!?”

And finally, he rose up out of the floor, and we saw his cute self in his white jacket.

photo 2photo 3

He did a whole bunch of songs and danced a whole lot in that cute way that he dances – hopping around the stage and bouncing around like the pro that he is.

Then, his dancers came out, and I was like, “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM, GIRL!!!”

photo 8 (2)

Then, he took off his white jacket and was just wearing a vest, and he came over real close to our side of the stage and did some more cute dance moves.

photo 8 (1) photo 9

Then, there was a quick intermission, and he came back out in all black. Yeah.

Then, the stage up and moved. Like it rose up and traveled over the top of the floor section and went to the back of the arena.

photo 11 (2) photo 11 (1)

At first I was like, “That is so cool!” And then, I was like, “COME BACK, JT!!!!!!”

Then, he played a Michael Jackson song that I didn’t know (whoops, sorry) and Heartbreak Hotel, and it was really cute. Then, he sang an acoustic version of “What Goes Around,” and I was like, “This is beautiful and all, but this is my favorite, and I want the real version.” So, then he said something like, “Drop the beat!” and the real version came on, and I’m pretty sure that I looked just like this Victoria Secret model, except less gorgeous and less skinny.


Then, he finally came back to our side of the arena and sang “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe, and I had never heard that song before in my life, but he danced so so so cool to it, it was one of my favorite songs that he performed. (This is not my video, but you should watch it.)

Then, it was almost time for the show to be over, and I was starting to get sad. But then, he sang “Suit & Tie,” “Sexy Back,” and of course The Best Song of Our Generation – “Mirrors.” And it was beautiful.

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