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Scandal Recap 3×10: A Door Marked Exit

Sally Langston has freaking killed Daniel Douglas (who will now be known as “DD” because “Daniel Douglas” is a really long name to type).  They got into an argument about him being gay and sleeping with James, and then he took some rude jabs at Sally for being the “rich debutante that no one wanted to be with.” So, what did she do? She freaking stabbed him. And then, she called Cyrus.

Cyrus comes over to help, and he calls Charlie/Quinn to clean up the mess. Sally keeps saying really scary things like, “The devil came in,” and I am officially frightened. Cyrus is feeling pretty guilty as he realizes that this all started when he pimped out his husband to bring Sally down. Well, I guess your plan has now backfired on you twice, Cy. The mess is cleaned up, and the whole world thinks that DD died from a heart attack.

Now that Liv and the Gladiators know that Mama Pope was indeed a terrorist, they are now trying the clean up the mess that they made trying to set her free, but Liv can’t find her father.

Some sketchy people in black cars sandwich in Rowan/Eli’s car and take him to the Pentagon, where he is placed in a cell and handcuffed to a chair. Enter Fitz. POTUS Fitz has captured Rowan. But, unbeknownst to Fitz, Rowan may actually be the good guy in this situation. Fitz is trying to catch Rowan/Eli off guard and starts saying things that one should never hear come out of a president’s (fictional or not) mouth. “I’m screwing her you know … Your daughter … Every chance I get. The things I could tell you about the way she tastes …. Talented. She’s quite a girl.” Pretty sure that after that line, I audibly said to my tv, “Dayum, Fitz.” I just was not expecting those words to come out of his beautiful mouth.

Well, Papa Pope was not amused or thrown off by Fitz’s inappropriate comments. He launches into the scariest tirade berating Fitz for being a rich boy (not man) with daddy issues that has never had to work for anything in his life. He even goes so far as to tell THE POTUS that he is disappointed that his daughter is with him. Come on now Rowan/Eli, he is the freaking President.

boy1 boy2 boy3 boy4

The Gladiators have done some work, and what I really mean by that is – Abby asked David to give her Maya Pope’s file, and he obliged. That man is forever giving away confidential information to people. Harrison is not amused with Dabby’s negotiating skills.


The Gladiators now know that Maya Pope had no allegiances and did not identify with a certain country. She wondered around working for whoever would pay her and stealing secrets from whoever she could. She was sent to the U.S. to steal American secrets from the CIA, aka Rowan/Eli. The one thing the Gladiators can’t figure out is why Rowan/Eli was willing to shoot down a plane just to destroy a few files that Maya Pope had stolen. Unless….

Liv finds out that Fitz has captured her father, so she calls her secret Fitz phone and convinces Ftiz to let her come talk to her father. Liv tells her father her theory: Maya Pope had placed a bomb on the plane and was planning an attack on London. But when Rowan/Eli pulled her off of the plane and interrogated her, she told him about the bomb. So, he had Fitz shoot it down – sacrifice a few hundred people on the plane instead of the bomb detonating over London and killing thousands.

Rowan shows no emotion at these allegations, and Liv has a revelation. Her mother had no causes, nothing that she believed in, and certainly nothing that she would kill herself for. Liv’s new theory: Her mother lied. She told Rowan/Eli that there was a bomb on the plane, and Rowan/Eli had it shot down. Only to realize that he had been played. Maya Pope deceived him into killing hundreds of people. The look on Rowan’s face, along with a subtle knod of his head confirms Liv’s theory. Welp….

Liv gets real stern with Fitz all of a sudden and tells him to have Maya Pope arrested as soon as the plane lands. Her tone of voice is really confusing because it almost sounds like she is mad at him, when really she is the one that asked him to help Maya Pope escape. But really, I think that she is annoyed, scared, embarrassed that she messed this one up. That her own mother was able to deceive her so much. I think that her tone was desperate because she really needs Fitz to help her out again.

But later, Fitz calls Liv to let her know that Maya Pope’s plane never landed. She killed all of the staff on the plane and hijacked it. I guess she also knows how to pilot a jet?? Or did she force them to land somewhere and then kill them all? I don’t know.

Back at OPA, Precious Jake stops by. Liv is worried about him because she knows that Papa Pope is probably pissed off (hooray for alliteration) about being captured by Fitz, and he will try to make someone pay. Jake gives a cryptic answer with, “I wouldn’t underestimate the President.” Then, he kisses Liv. I am just so torn. Of course I absolutely LOVE Olitz. But Jake is just so wonderful! Anyways, he kisses Liv and tells her goodbye. Then, in the most beautiful way possible, he says, “I loved you. Whatever happens next, I want to make sure you know that I loved you. I love you.” Oh, man. Someone find Jake a girl pronto. Scott Foley is always trying to convince people to love his sweet self, and no one ever reciprocates (Felicity, Grey’s, and now Scandal). I will love you, Scott Foley!


Next, Rowan is seen roaming the halls of Wonderland, but when he enters his office, Jake is sitting at his desk giving orders (looking fabulous in a suit by the way). When Rowan asks what is going on, Jake replies, “Sorry you didn’t get the memo. I’m Command now. ‘B6-13 is not an individual. Cut the head off the snake, and another one will grow in its place.’ If you’d like a job here at Wonderland, we can have you take our aptitude test. If not, I’m gonna have to ask my agents to escort you out to the street.”

Okay, let’s talk about this. If it was that easy to overthrow Command, by just declaring, “I’m Command now,” why didn’t someone do that a long time ago? I mean, I know that Fitz was in on it, but I thought that the President didn’t have anything control over B6-13? Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather Jake be in control. I feel like he is way more reasonable and way less evil, but I just don’t understand how it is possible for him to just take over. Maybe more repercussions will come from this later…

The episode ends with Liv’s cell phone ringing – it’s her mother. Liv begs her to tell her where she is, but Maya Pope reassures her, “I’ll see you real soon.” The camera pans out, and we all see that Maya is in front of the White House. What the heck is she doing? Is she going after someone? I swear, if she touches one hair on Fitz’s head (or Jake’s for that matter), I will cut a biotch.

Other things that happened:

  1. Quinn and Charlie’s relationship is so screwed up. Does he honestly have feelings for her, or is he just super sick and twisted?? Anyways, Quinn “escapes” from Charlie’s custody while he is sleeping and returns to OPA proclaiming her allegiance to the Gladiators. Hooray, I always knew you were a good girl, Quinn. But, Huck is less than hospitable when she returns. He tells her that since she betrayed Liv, she can no longer be a Gladiator. So, of course, she goes back to Charlie – who gives her the reception that she was hoping to receive from Huck. He hugs her and tells her that he is so glad that she came back, and then they make out some more. Weird.
  2. There was a whole Cyrus and James storyline going on throughout the episode too. When James first heard that DD died, he assumed that Cyrus had something to do with. Cyrus assured him that it was just a heart attack (lies!) and begged James not to leave him. Later, James makes a deal – if Cyrus will name him Press Secretary, James will not leave. I am just loving James more and more. He is finally catching on to everyone’s games and standing up from himself. Go James!

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