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Nashville Recap 2×9: I’m Tired of Pretending

Scarlett, Gunnar, Avery, Zoe

These four are just all discombobulated. Scarlett and Gunnar are out on tour, and Avery and Zoe are back in Nashville working at The Bluebird.  There is this one really great scene where Scarlett and Gunnar are standing near each other, both talking on the phone – Scarlett to Avery, and Gunnar to Zoe … and Avery and Zoe are both standing by each other in the Bluebird. Scarlett tells Avery that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with Zoe for a while, so Avery tells her that she is standing right by him talking on the phone. [Somehow, neither Scarlett nor Avery deduces that she is talking to Gunnar…] Anyways, Avery has a brilliant plan for him and Zoe to drive up and spend the weekend with Scarlett on tour. They drive to meet Scarlett, and Zoe and Gunnar have a super awkward hugging hello.

Scarlett is not having fun on tour. She feels like she doesn’t belong on the tour because she doesn’t have any friends. But, when her friends come to visit, she realizes that she may not even fit in with them anymore because they all got close writing songs together and working at The Bluebird. She is about to have a nervous breakdown.

Zoe and Gunnar decide that if they are going to be “a thing,” then they have to tell Scarlett about them. Zoe goes to Scarlett’s room to confess to her, but Scarlett reveals all of the emotional turmoil she is going through on the tour. Zoe gives her great advice about adjusting and making friends, and just can’t bring herself to tell Scarlett about her and Gunnar while Scarlett is in such a fragile state.

Let’s be real, that probably was not the best time to tell Scarlett. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it then while Scarlett was revealing that she has been crying herself to sleep at night. [Zoe should have told her a long time ago.] But… everybody knows that if Zoe doesn’t tell Scarlett herself, then Scarlett is going to find out somehow, and be way more hurt than if Zoe had just told her in the first place.

And that is exactly what happens. Avery is waiting on Zoe, so that they can head back to Nashville. Scarlett goes to see what is taking Zoe so long, and of course, Zoe and Gunnar are kissing goodbye in the hallway. Dummies. Can’t you at least kiss in the hotel room? Scarlett looks hurt and runs away. But, Zoe and Gunnar know that she saw them, so I guess Zoe is going to try and fix this next week.



Juliette is really pissed off at Layla, who keeps pushing Juliette’s buttons by playing over her allotted set time. Juliette punishes her by switching Layla and Will’s sets and making Layla perform first. So, Layla fights back by arranging a duet with Will during his set. But, Juliette will have none of this mess, so she snatches the microphone and runs out on stage and performs the duet with Will herself, with her hair looking a hot mess up in some weird fake ponytail thing. Take that, Layla Grant.

Charlie Wentworth has declared his love for Juliette, but she does not believe him. She thinks that she is just a game to him, something that he can’t have. So, Charlie decides to prove himself and files for divorce from Olivia.

Earlier during all of the Layla controversy, Juliette’s manager (I have absolutely no idea what his name is) says something about Charlie bringing out the worst in her. Later, Juliette and Will are talking in a bar, when Will tells her that he hopes one day he can find someone “who makes him feel like the best version of himself.” Apparently, Juliette realizes that is what she needs too. She calls things off with Charlie (which is sad for all of the viewers because he and his British accent are beautiful), and instead calls Avery. Huh? Is that going to be a thing? What about Avery and Scarlett? I mean, it would be fine with me because Scarlett needs to be with Gunnar anyways.

Layla Grant is about to get her revenge though because she calls TMZ and tells them that Juliette is the reason that Charlie and Olivia are getting a divorce. Whoops, so much for everyone not finding out…

The Conrads and Deacon

Maddie, Rayna, Deacon, and Teddy are still all trying to figure out this whole “My Two Dads” thing. I think that Deacon has the best of intentions – he just wants to be there for Maddie for whatever she wants him to be. On the other hand, Teddy is being mean. I understand that he is afraid of losing his relationship with Maddie, but I don’t think that should mean that he can keep her from seeing Deacon.

Teddy begrudgingly agrees to let Maddie take guitar lessons from Deacon. Deacon and Maddie are so sweet together, and I love getting to see this side of Deacon. Maddie tells Deacon that she is playing at an open mic night, and she would love Deacon to come. The poor girl just wants her Dad to be proud of her and to connect with him through their love of music.

Deacon shows up to the open mic night, and Teddy starts acting like a fool – all “What is he doing here? He can’t be here!” Ummm, yes he can – Deacon can do whatever he wants to. And, I don’t really think that it is hurting anything for him to support Maddie’s open mic night performance.

Well then ish really hits the fan when Maddie calls Deacon up on stage to perform with her. (I also really liked all of the chatter from the audience when Deacon went on stage – “Oh my gosh, that’s Deacon Claybourne!” I thought that was a nice touch.) Their performance was beautiful and about family and what is really important in life.

maddie1 maddie2

Apparently Teddy wasn’t listening because he follows Deacon outside and starts yelling about how he doesn’t want to co-parent with Deacon and that Deacon should still be in jail for all of the pain that he has caused his family. Ugh, Teddy. Deacon is trying to be a good father. If anything, Deacon should be mad at Teddy for not telling him that Maddie was his daughter all of this time. I mean, Teddy practically stole his daughter to begin with.

Then, Maddie and Rayna come outside to see the two of them arguing and shoving each other. Later, Maddie tells Rayna that maybe she shouldn’t have a relationship with either one of them. Rayna relays that information to Teddy and Deacon, and tells him that she doesn’t want it to come to that for Maddie, so the two men need to learn to get along. You tell ‘em, Rayna.

Next week previews:

Someone is going to die?!?!?!? Umm, what? This is not Grey’s or Scandal. I am used to people getting killed off those shows. Not Nashville. I hope it’s Avery or Will or Zoe or Teddy or Lamar – someone that doesn’t matter. Excuse my French, but I will lose my shit if Deacon dies.


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