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The Mindy Project Recap: “Racist”

Disclaimer: It’s very apropos that I write this recap because… well. You know. I mean, let’s be real. Kidding. Not really. Seriously though.


Mindy Kaling tweeted in advance of this episode that a lot of racist jokes would be made and it made her very uncomfortable. More importantly though, I think it addressed a very real transition in our society. Not to say that racism has been eliminated. All but. However, there is a very distinct prejudice regarding socio-economic class. Huzzah Mindy Project! Huzzah for enlightening we mere mortal materialistic viewers.

Don’t get me wrong. The episode wasn’t a total lecture. It was actually riddled with pop culture references that made me giggle with mirth and squeal. Especially this one…


I immediately tweeted:


And she mentioned Glee. Then there was a Downton Abbey reference and I collapsed.

mindydownton1 mindydownton2

mindymorgandogattackAt the beginning there was a weird moment where Morgan was trying out an anti-dog bite contraption. He’d recruited Betsy to unleash a Rotweiller on him and for Tamra to tranquilize it should the contraption not work. Tamra failed and this ensued-

dannyredglassesThe real meat of this episode centered around this crazy, white supremacist mom writing an article praising Schulmann and Associates’ doctors- mainly Danny and Jeremy and Dr. Prentice… because they’re white. While reading the blog- Danny wore these red glasses that made him look like a very cute grandpa. I think it’s important to think long term when assessing the physical attractiveness of an individual. I mean that elasticity won’t last forever. If I’m going to love you for the next 75 years, I’m going to need to focus on your inner beauty and find you attractive, wrinkles and all. Danny Castellano passes the test.

mindydharmaBack to the show. The DeLauretiis capitalize on the clearly racist slant of Schulmann and Associates in order to win over all their clients. A protest rally ensues featuring political candidate Tracy Whitfield- a Dartmouth alum and former classmate of Dr. Prentice. To handle their PR, the doctors hire Jenna Elfman’s character… unfortunately, she ain’t no Olivia Pope. Well, let’s be real. Who is? I digress.

mindyinsultsrayronShe encourages Mindy and Tamra- the two minorities in the office- to band together and write a statement attesting that the practice is NOT racist. Tamra invites Ray Ron to the dinner meeting and Mindy chooses that moment to confess her dislike of Ray Ron. Tamra takes offense and joins the DiLauretiis AGAINST Schullman and Associates. mindyprojectbirthdaycakeThe best part of the scene was when Mindy Kaling revealed just how similar she is to every other red-blooded American girl. Let’s be real. Who hasn’t gotten together for dinner with all of her girlfriends and lied to the waiter to get free dessert. I’ll confess. I do it every time.

mindyprojectracist2At the same time, Dr. Peter Prentice has been trying to become a senior partner. No one will take him seriously, especially his idea about a mobile clinic (using the van his friend is trying to sell.) Well it turns out his idea comes in handy and saves the practice, showing them to be altruistic and concerned for the welfare of all races and socioeconomic classes. He gets promoted! Congrats Peter. Please note, this guy is growing on me. He reminds me of someone, someone I know and secretly have a mad crush on… I just can’t remember who.

mindypunchcliffMeanwhile, Morgan feels such remorse over sabotaging lawyer cliff’s sext conversation with Mindy (from the previous episode) that he hires a friend to punch him as punishment. However, things go terribly awry and Cliff gets punched instead.

We’re seeing a budding romance between Mindy and Danny. They have conversations like this and I’m sitting at home like “If this convo happened in my workplace, someone would get a sexual harassment suit so fast…” However, I don’t care because this is a fabulously fictional world.


I’m whispering into my next spoonful of cookie dough ice cream “It’s Indian. He hasn’t been with a petite Indian doctor!”


Raise your hand if Danny Castellano’s staunch defense of New York City is the most endearing thing you’ve ever seen. Don’t call it the City of New York. And don’t claim to not know who Derek Jeter is. Danny Castellano will go off.



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