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Scandal Recap 3×8: Vermont is for Lovers, Too

Finally! This is the episode that every Gladiator and Olitz shipper has been waiting for. Warning: This recap is full of beautiful Fitzergerald Thomas Grant III gifs. So that’s good.

Fitz now knows that Rowan/Eli is Olivia’s father. He is desperately trying to get in touch with her, so they can talk it out. But, Liv is trying real hard to resist him – (yeah, we’ll see how well that works). Somehow, she manages to not answer the phone the first time he calls, and she just lets it ring and ring and ring. And I am yelling at the tv, “Answer the phone, Liv! Answer the phone!” Well, Fitz calls again later, and she answers the phone, but she is NOT happy! She yells at him for killing her mother, and shouts that they need to stop talking to each other. She hangs up on him, and then she loses it and does this to her phone:


Sweet, Sweet Jake comes in to make sure she’s okay and tells her that smashing her phone is not going to help. If the President wants to talk to Olivia, he will find a way…

And find a way, he does. When Liv goes home, Tom (everyone’s favorite Secret Service agent) is waiting outside of her door. Tom tells her that there is a helicopter waiting for her, but Liv pretends like she ain’t going. [Look, if Fitz sent a helicopter to pick me up and take me to him, I’m getting on the helicopter – no questions asked. Liv needs to quit being stubborn.] Then, Tom hands her an envelope that has a picture of Rowan/Eli and Liv together inside. Liv realizes that Fitz knows that Rowan/Eli is her father, and decides to get on the helicopter.

When she arrives at this beautiful house out in the middle of nowhere Vermont, Fitz comes outside to greet her. Instead of their usual “One Minute” line, Liv says, “One hour.” Fitz agrees and gives this little smirk like, “One hour is plenty of time for me to work my mojo…” [And of course, he is right.]


Olivia is acting like she is perturbed that Fitz brought her all the way out to Vermont; but judging by how good Fitz is looking in that green, cable-knit sweater, I’m guessing she is secretly just fine with it.

Olivia thinks that Fitz brought her out so that they can talk about her father, B6-13, the plane, etc. But Fitz keeps blabbering on and on about the house – the fireplace, the marble countertops, the greenhouse, the orchards, etc. Finally, Live shouts, “Stop talking about the house!” And then we get, maybe the most beautiful monologue in all of television history from Fitzgerald Grant. The Official Olitz Song “The Light” starts playing, and Fitz is his perfect self and says all of these perfect things:


Y’all – he built her a house. A beautiful house. So that they could be together. And have a family. And she could make jam. He built her a house (just like Noah built Allie a house).

Fitz is crying. I am crying. All the Gladiators in the world are crying.


single tear

Just in case you have forgotten, the Vermont, mayor, and jam references are from a previous conversation that Liv and Fitz had when they were talking about how their life could have been together. But, Fitz makes these dreams a reality, when he acutally builds Liv a house.


Dang it, Fitz.


Of course, this is all too much for Liv to handle. So, she does what any woman in this situation would do – she jumps his bones.


Then, there is a really, super duper, very very intense beautiful love scene set to “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Like, so intense I couldn’t bring myself to put gifs of it into the recap. Needless to say, they freaking love each other so freaking much. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) always looks at her with such intensity in his eyes – like he just has all of these emotions inside of him and he doesn’t know how to deal with them, and all of his feels are shown in his beautiful eyes. And I love it.

The next morning, the helicopter arrives to take Liv back to the real world. Fitz tells her that he loves her and that he is going to stop her father and get some answers. Liv tells him, “Do what you need to do. I’m not going to stop until I have answers either.”

As she is leaving, she turns back to Fitz to let him know that she loves him too.


As Bethany so poetically pointed out, “Olivia Pope even makes the walk of shame look good – all sauntering off into the sunrise.”

Can we please take a moment to appreciate all of the muscles in Tony Goldwyn’s back/shoulders?


There you go.

While Olitz was off shacking it up in Vermont, Mellie couldn’t get in touch with Fitz. She had Lauren (Fitz’s secretary) call all of his phones, but Fitz didn’t answer (because he was busy having passionate sex with Olivia while “Ain’t No Sunshine” played in the background). Mellie gets (rightfully) suspicious and has Lauren try to call Olivia. When Olivia doesn’t pick up, Mellie’s suspicions are confirmed. Poor, Lauren – she knows all of POTUS’s dirty little secrets, but has to pretend to be all like


When, Fitz gets back to the White House, Mellie tries a little trickery so that Fitz knows that she knows where he was. (F.R.I.E.N.D.S scene, anyone?)

Oh look, it's Josephine Marcus.

Oh look, it’s Josephine Marcus.

Mellie tells Fitz that Josephine Marcus dropped of the race, so that means that Olivia is available again. “It’s just a guess, but somehow I think that she might be a little more amenable to the idea now. Maybe we should try again.” But, Fitz ain’t falling for her games. He fights right back with a, “Yeah, maybe we should.” Don’t be trying to trick Fitz into being ashamed of his Vermont sexcapade with Liv – ’cause he ain’t ashamed.

While all of this was happening in Vermont, Rowan/Eli has been talking to Mama Pope. She demands to meet Olivia, and he tells her that she is going to be transferred to another prison far away, so that it will be harder for anyone to find her. So what does the woman do? She freaking eats her wrists. Yep, no joke – she eats her wrists. Now, I do not have a queasy stomach at all, but I almost lost it during this scene. It may be the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen on tv or in a movie.

So, Mama Pope gets taken to some secret prison hospital, and when she wakes up, Rowan/Eli has brought her press clippings of Olivia. They have an almost normal conversation about Olivia and their life together before the plane crash. But, Rowan/Eli is still planning on having her transferred. When the doctor comes in to give her a strong sedative for the transfer, she manages to steal the sedative, inject the doctor, and escape. Then, of course, she finds Olivia. #Mom?

mom1 mom2 mom3

Other side stories that were happening that in no way compare to the importance of Vermont:

1. First, let’s get this side story out of the way real fast (because let’s be real, no one really cared about Phoebe Buffay last night). Someone (allegedly) broke into Phoebe’s house and stole a bunch of campaign materials. The Gladiators proved that it was the Reston campaign and start a media frenzy trying to get the Reston to drop out of the race. But, through a series of events, they realize that Candice (Phoebe’s sister/daughter) fabricated the whole robbery to make the Reston campaign look bad. Instead of throwing Candice under the bus, Phoebe says that she faked the robbery and therefore must drop out of the race. And every Gladiator was like, “Yay! Now Liv can go back and work for Fitz again!”

2. Throughout the whole episode, the Gladiators were trying to figure out who killed the security guard. While they were trying to go around and collect security camera footage from surrounding office buildings, Quinn was busy going around to the same buildings and erasing herself from the footage. Quinn thought that she was off the hook, but when she gets home, there is an envelope waiting for her in her doorway. Inside is a picture of her from the security cameras. Being the smart girl that she is, Quinn assumes that Huck is in her apartment. She turns the lights on, and Huck is waiting for her with all of his torture tools sprawled out on her floor. Huck has crazy eyes and says, “I need to know who you are working for.” #WhatTheHuck? Is Huck really going to kill Quinn? Also, there is this really really creepy gif of Huck from the previews for the next episode. I’m scared. And really creeped out.


3. Mellie and Cyrus are still going through with their stupid plan to take down Sally Langston by seducing her husband. Cyrus gets James an interview with Daniel Douglas, but Daniel Douglas is not making any moves. Cyrus convinces James that he should go to Daniel Douglas’s house because he will be more comfortable there. That, along with Mellie telling Daniel Douglas that Cyrus and James have an “open marriage,” give Daniel Douglas enough courage to make a move on James. At first, James stops him, but when Daniel Douglas spills the beans about the “open marriage” thing, James quickly realizes that this was Cyrus’s plan all along – to pimp his husband out for political gain. Well, Cyrus always assumed that James would resist Daniel Douglas’s advances, but after James gets home, the photographer that Cyrus hired sends him pictures of James and Daniel Douglas doing the dirty. Well, Cyrus looks like your plan backfired. You dug your own grave here, buddy. I hope James leaves your sorry self.  I don’t want James to have to worry about getting taken out by a hitman or pimped out by his own husband anymore. I want James to be happy.

Side notes:

1. Yall. What would the world be like if we had a President as good looking as Fitz? How much would the world be different??

2. Hey ya’ll, remember Pete Foster – the Remington guy that Huck killed in his trailer? Well, he is in the new Catching Fire movie! I almost shouted out loud at the theater screen last night – “OMG! That’s Pete Foster!” But, I refrained. He is the scary new Peacekeeper in Disctrict 12 that everyone is scared of.

3. The producers/directors/costume designers are doing a great job of hiding Kerry Washington’s baby bump. All of these huge pleated coats and scarves and things – they’re doing all the work. Anyone notice how there wasn’t a full-body shot of Liv during that steamy love scene? Wonder if it’s weird to film a love scene with someone with a baby bump? Tony doesn’t seem to mind very much. Just saying. What are they going to do when they start shooting the second half of the season? Because then, Kerry will be like 8 months preggo…..?

Also, someone at made these hilarious gifs that everyone needs to see:

tom1 tom2 tom3 tom4


And this one:

body1 body2


And finally this one:



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