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Scandal Recap 3×7: Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

Oh. My. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Those were the most common words uttered out of my mouth last night during that crazy glorious mess of an episode. This is how I felt after it was over:


Short version recap:
Quinn is now in B6-13.
Big Jerry raped Mellie back in the day.
Mellie/Fitz’s oldest son (Jerry) might actually be Mellie/Big Jerry’s son.
Mama Pope LIVES!

Long version recap:

Mellie is doing an in-depth media interview, in order to make the American people love her again after Fitz’s affair. I have to say, it is a little unfair that Mellie is the one taking the heat for Fitz’s mistakes – although, she is the one who decided to “air her marital dirty laundry” on primetime television, so maybe it is partly her fault. Mellie hates doing this interview because all she gets to talk about is china patterns, home décor, and the White House art collection.

Hooray for flashbacks!!! Except, they are Mellie/Fitz flashbacks. It is very odd to see Fitz and Mellie young and so in love. They really seem to genuinely love each other and enjoy each other’s company. Huh, who would’ve thought???

We flashback to fifteen years ago, before Fitz was a politician, and he and Mellie were both successful lawyers. Big Jerry brings in a new guy to help run Fitz campaign for California governor – Cyrus Beane – who also happens to look like this:


Cyrus is delighted that Fitz is tall and has good hair, because those are apparently very important things to have if you want to be Governor. It doesn’t hurt that Fitz was also a Rhodes Scholar, in the Navy, and a Harvard Law graduate. Oh, and “the wife is perfect.”

Back to present day: Quinn and Charlie (yes, B6-13 assassin Charlie) are getting awful close these days. They are still meeting up at the shooting range, and Charlie tells Quinn that he is now doing Quinn, of course, is intrigued.

Olivia is walking out the door of her apartment, when her Fitz phone starts ringing. She musters up the courage to ignore the call and walks out the door, leaving the phone still chirping inside. JK! Olivia can’t resist Fitz. She runs back into the apartment and answers the phone. And we have another beautiful Olitz phone convo. Fitz is worried about Olivia, and she gives a great speech about being surrounded by murderers and how she feels like she doesn’t really know anyone. Fitz tells Olivia that she needs to stay away from Jake, but she tells him that she knows that the actual dangerous person is Rowan. Fitz is surprised, because he didn’t know that Liv knew about Rowan – much less that Rowan is her father. Fitz gets really protective and begs Olivia to stop looking into Remington because he wants her to stay safe. When Fitz tells Liv that he loves her, her only response is “So what?” Dang.

phone1 phone2 phone3 phone4 phone5 phone6 phone7 phone8

Flashback numero dos: Cyrus is laying out the campaign strategy and reveals that Fitz needs to focus his campaign on his military experience. [Cyrus’s thoughts on the districts with lots of new immigrants: “They’re not as likely to cozy up to Richie Rich and Show White here.”] Fitz is not too happy about this and refuses to run on his military heroism. Oh, and he wears this turtleneck and makes these faces, and still manages to look delicious.

turtle1 turtle2 turtle3

Present day: Cyrus and Mellie hatch a plan to take down Sally Langston – by tricking her husband into cheating on her. They pick out an “escort” from a website to bring to a party to tempt Daniel Douglas. When Mellie picks her choice escort from the website, Cyrus puts his arm around Mellie and says, “You are way better at picking out whores, than you are china patterns.” Oh, Cyrus Beane, you are hilarious.

Then, James corners Cyrus to complain about not getting the in-depth Mellie interview. Cyrus tells him that he has no control over who gets interviews. But, James knows better: “You control everything. Which is precisely why I want to kill you and have sex with you at the same time.” Cyrus and James are on their game tonight.

Olivia brings all of the Galdiators (+ Sexy Jake) into OPA and dishes all of the info that she has on Remington, her mother, Rowan, etc. She makes sure that they all know how dangerous this case is, but they all agree to help her. Over a cliff. That’s when Liv breaks the news about Fitz being involved. Oh, snap.

After some digging, the Gladiators come across some pretty sketchy facts about Flight 522.

(1) The flight took off twenty minutes after it was supposed to, but was listed as “On Time” and not “Delayed.”
(2) The flight was listed as “Full,” but the flight manifest was one name short.
(3) Congress put together a sub-committee to look into the Flight 522 crash, and Big Jerry was the head of the committee. [Insert dramatic music here: Dun, dun, dun.]

Flashback numero tres: Big Jerry knows all about Fitz shooting down the plane. He is pissed that Fitz even joined the Navy in the first place, saying, “Should have been some poor kid from some backwoods town who shot that plane down. Not you, not my boy.” He then admits that he is the one who covered up Fitz being there in Iceland and shooting down Flight 522.

Back in present day at OPA: Abby tries to comfort Liv, and forces her to accept a hug. Best Friends Forever!

Quinn is so bored with her life and so intrigued with Charlie’s, so she spies on him while he’s spying on other people. But, Charlie is a super spy and, of course, sees Quinn. When he confronts her, I am scared that Charlie is going to go B6-13 on her and kill her. Nope. He throws her up against the wall and hard kisses her. Well, that’s not what I thought was going to happen. He tells her to call him, so they can hang out the next night…

Mellie is still being followed around by the camera crew, and it’s time for a photo-op in the Oval with Fitz and Baby Teddy. Mellie is telling the cameras that they do this every night no matter how busy Fitz is, but when she busts in the Oval, Fitz is not there. And now, Mellie is embarrassed and really very pissed off.

Flashback numero quatro: Cyrus is leaving and quitting the campaign because he does not do family squabbles. [Ha. If 1998-Cyrus would have only known what he was getting himself into.] Mellie is begging him to stay, when Cyrus launches into a beautiful speech. He tells Mellie that she will have to give up her life and her job as a partner in a law firm. It will now be her job to take care of Fitz: “You want his hand held, or his nose wiped, or someone to hug him and tell him that he’s great, do it yourself. That’s your job … He is your charity work. He is your full-time job. You are the wife. Help him.”

Also, Cyrus mentions something about his wife. Ummmmmm…… What?

Back at OPA: Harrison and Abby are talking to the gate agent that worked Flight 522. She tells them that the plane was delayed that day because a federal marshal held the plane at the gate so that he could escort someone off of the plane. She says that she told all of the investigators after the plane crash, but the information never made it in the news. She also tells them that the passenger’s name was Omar Dresden.

The Gladiators check with Omar’s family, but they think that he died in the plane crash. The Gladiators decide to track down anyone who was at the airport that night who may have seen them leaving the plane – maintenance people, baggage handlers, ground controllers, and passengers on other planes.

Flashback numero cinco: Big Jerry is a little intoxicated and spills the beans about Remington to Mellie – and I mean, all of the beans. He tells her that Flight 522 had a dirty bomb on board, so the U.S. government had Fitz shoot it down. If the plane would have crashed on land, thousands of people would have died, so the people on Flight 522 were just collateral damage.

[But, if they knew there was a dirty bomb on board, why didn’t they just ground the flight? If they had time to take “Omar Dresden” off, why didn’t they take everyone off? If they didn’t find out about the bomb until after the plane took off, then why was “Omar Dresden” removed from the plane?

Does Fitz know that Mellie knows about Remington?]

Then, Big Jerry tells Mellie that she is a beautiful woman and starts getting a little handsy. At this point, I am pretty sure that this is just going to be a little bit of an uncomfortable situation, but Mellie will handle it and get out. But, the next thing I know, Big Jerry is on top of Mellie, and he rapes her.

Oh. My. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Back in the present day Oval, Mellie expresses just how upset/embarrassed/mad she is at Fitz for missing their photo-op. “You don’t have to love me. But we are in this hell together, and the flames are burning both of us with equal intensity, baby. So the least you could do is be my friend, just a little bit. The least you could do is show up … Show up for me.”

The next day, it is time for Mellie and Fitz’s sit down interview. When the reporter pretty much attacks Mellie and asks why the American people hate her so much, Mellie is speechless. But have no fear – Fitz to the rescue! Fitz stands up for Mellie and tells the reporter that he is the one that made the mistake and no one should be attacking Mellie for it. He tells the reporter that he and Mellie are trying to move on, and the American people need to try to do the same thing.

I am actually proud of Fitz. I don’t want him to be mean to Mellie (I don’t think). I am okay with Fitz and Mellie being friends/cordial. I think that may be good for everyone … I think…

At OPA, the Gladiators have tracked down the guy who drove the stairs on the tarmac the night of Flight 522. Jake has made arrangements to speak to him that night.

Quinn has made plans to meet up with Charlie who seems to be doing a stakeout for his P.I. job. He tells Quinn that he needs to go into the building to steal some files for a job he is doing. After a quick make-out session, Quinn convinces Charlie to let her help. He tasks her with distracting the security guard and injecting him with some drug that will knock him out for a few minutes, while Charlie steals the file. But, when Quinn injects the security guard with the drug, he dies. Quinn runs out and hides and tries to call Huck. But Charlie finds her, shows her the security footage of her killing the guard, and then declares, “You belong to B6-13 now. Welcome to Wonderland.”

Oh. My. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

I found this gif, and proceeded to laugh hysterically for twenty minutes.

oprah1 oprah2

Then, Jake shows up at Quinn’s crime scene, because Quinn’s victim is the Flight 522 stair driver that Jake was supposed to talk to about Omar Dresden!!!!! Dang, B6-13 is always ahead of the game.

Oh. My. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Flashback numero I’ve lost count-o: Mellie tells Big Jerry that she will never tell anyone about the rape, IF he agrees to apologize to Fitz for being a bad father and tell Fitz that he is proud of him. Mellie knows that is what Fitz needs to decide to run for Governor.

At the present day party at the White House, James tells Cyrus that he was fired from his reporter job. (Not sure if that is important, but I feel like it may come up again in the future.)

Mellie and Cyrus’s plan to take down Sally Langston fails when Daniel Douglas shows little interest in the escort thrown at him. But then Mellie says, “Well, maybe she’s not his type.” The camera pans back over to Daniel Douglas who is now overtly flirting with one, James Novak – yep, that would be Cyrus’s husband, James Novak. Guess the female escort really wasn’t Daniel Douglas’s type.

Some Secret Service guy comes into the Oval to give a report on Olivia Pope. He reports on Liv’s day and says that she doesn’t seem to be in any danger. But, Fitz assures him that she is. He reports on Liv’s mother saying that Maya Pope worked as a secretary to a venture capitalist named Neal Hastings before she died on Flight 522. (Wonder if that info will be important??) Then, he reports on Maya’s husband, Elijah, who works at the Smithsonian and is a “hard guy to get a picture of.” Secret Service man produces an old Smithsonian badge picture of Rowan/Eli, and Fitz is shocked! Yeah, so were we when we found like 8 episodes ago, Fitz.

Eli/Rowan Pope is seen entering a super secure, possibly secret prison. He tells the guard that he is there to see “Omar Dresden,” and produces an ID to prove his clearance level. Then, this happens:

mama1 mama2

#MamaPopeLives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. My. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

The last and final flashback: I guess Big Jerry’s apology worked, because Fitz has decided to run for Governor. At a campaign party, Mellie doesn’t drink her champagne at the toast. Fitz is suspicious, so she admits that she is pregnant. Fitz is overjoyed, but that baby is probably Big Jerry’s!!!!!! What if their son is really Fitz’s brother?!?!?!?!?!

Oh. My. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Why is Mama Pope is prison? Is she bad? Or do they have to keep her there to protect the secret of Remington? If she is bad, why did they save her from Flight 522?

How are the Gladiators going to get Quinn out of B6-13? Is she going to tell them?  Is she going to turn traitor?

[My two cents:

The internet is freaking out about the rape scene right now. People seem to be really angry at Shonda Rimes for adding this to Mellie’s storyline. People think that this was added just to garner up some sympathy for a character that everyone loves to hate. Do I think that that is how we are intended to feel after learning that Mellie was raped by her father-in-law? Yes. Am I mad about it? No.

Here’s why:

I have seen/read several interviews with Shonda Rimes where she explains the character development on Scandal. She very purposefully creates her characters to be flawed and real people. None of her characters are all good or all bad – just like real people. All of the characters are who they are because of other things that have happened in their past – Liv’s relationship with her father, Fitz’s relationship with his father, Huck’s past with B6-13, Abby’s relationship with her ex-husband, and Quinn’s past with Jesse and Cytron. Mellie’s past is a part of her. Things have happened to her to make her the way that she is. And Shonda showed us a part of her story last night, and I am not mad about that. Rape is a terrible thing, and I am mad at Big Jerry – but not at Shonda.]


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