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Scandal Recap: 3×6 “Icarus”

Unfortunately, I wasn’t terribly impressed with this episode. Now before you go chopping my head off for blasphemy, let me remind you that Scandal is a brilliant show. Shonda is a brilliant writer and the ABC promotions team does an excellent job of making me think every next episode is going to be life changing. They set the bar too high. Sometimes they just shoot themselves in the foot when my expectations supersede the level of brilliance they deliver. That is all.


The whole point of this episode was to A) Confirm whether or not Fitz did in fact kill Olivia’s mother and B) Find out more about our favorite, underappreciated Gladiator, Harrison.

Please note, the title of this episode was “Icarus” and in classic Cyrus Beene fashion, he delivers a clever line with “your winged mistress is flying too close to the sun.” Ah Cy, you slay me.

youngoliviaWe open with one of the oldest flashbacks we’ve seen yet.  A young Olivia Pope clad in uncharacteristically unfashionable stripes sits at the kitchen table listening to music or reading or something youthful. Whatever she’s doing, she’s clearly handling it.  Obviously, this is the last time she’ll see her poor mother.

can'tworkforyouBack in present day, Olivia’s been slammed with an emotional hammer and the Gladiators are concerned while Jake and Huck stand sentry as her emotional bodyguards. The last time we saw Liv in this state was when she felt overwhelmingly guilty for the whole Cytron debacle. Finally, she finds her gumption and confronts Fitz. “Did you fly air support for Operation Remington?” His face kills me. “Are you lying?” He insists, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” but something tells me he knows precisely what she’s talking about. Suspicions are confirmed when he throws Defiance in her face and I’m reminded that forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. They’re like an old married couple bringing up past transgressions to hurt each other in a present day argument… except these are issues of national security and what not. In resignation she declares, “I can’t work for you.”

crazyjosieSo naturally, this means she’s off to work for Josephine Marcus (who goes by Josie by the way and let’s be real, I’m not voting for someone named Josie because it makes me think of Josie and the Pussycats. It doesn’t get any less Presidential than that so in all honesty changing that should have been Olivia’s first order of business.) Josie brands herself as some weird Paula Dean politician hybrid touting her love for shoes and butter. Liv wants her to be more serious and Josie refuses to take Liv’s advice (What the frick is the point in hiring her if you’re not going to use her services you idiot??!?!) sassyjosieRight before her critical interview with James, Josie sees a commercial spot from “Reston’s” campaign. It’s basically saying she’s not man enough to be President. Well naturally, she gets all riled up, takes it out on poor unsuspecting James and transforms into SassyJosie. It turns out Abby and Liv made the commercial up because they are sly little foxes who are great at their jobs.

*I want to be a jerk for a minute and point out a continuity error. Supposedly Olivia is working with Josie and dealing with her own personal crisis at the same time. She alternates in one day from wearing a blue outfit to a white one, each at different locals. Maybe one was outerwear. I don’t know. But it stuck out to me.

Cyrus calls up Harrison to help him sabotage Marcus’ campaign but Harrison won’t play along. Cy threatens him with offering some guy a Visa back into the U.S. Adrian Salif. Well this has Harrison scared sh*tless because apparently he’s a deadman if that happens. I’m sure we’ll find out more about this later. I wanted a backstory on Harrison badly. Like real bad. But I don’t want it to lead to him getting offed. I was thinking more along the lines of a love-interest… played by me. Re-write anyone?

sally'shusbandCy is also having to deal with Sally Langston and her new secret campaign manager, Leo. She thinks Cy is playing right into her trap, but he knows what’s up. Sally Langston will not be POTUS. Not only because she doesn’t have the support but because her husband is a philanderer. She can’t run on strong family values if her husband is flirting with the First Lady at dinner now can she?!

Jake was doing some dirty work trying to get details about Operation Remington and the flight in Iceland. A fellow assassin chick pretends to help him but instead he gets doublecrossed. Luckily, Fitz had security detailed looking out for him. With brutal honesty, Jake calls Fitz’ motives into question, not so Jake could get some shut eye…“Because that was my only chance of sleeping with both eyes closed or of sleeping with her?!?!” Boom.

fitzguiltFinally, some really great music comes on in the background and I know we’re about to have an Olitz moment. Unfortunately, it’s not a hot and heavy make out sesh. Olivia confronts Fitz again. He feigns innocence. Finally she confesses- “one of the bodies was my mother. Do you still not know what I’m talking about?” And Fitz face breaks for a split second. And then “I still don’t know what you’re talking about.”

fitzkilledmomHe walks out of her apartment and the door closes. There are so many doors closing- figuratively, literally. There’s internal conflict written all over his face. This may be what breaks them, not a gunshot wound to the head, not an affair with a White House Aid, not murdering a Supreme Court Justice, not rigging a national election. Lies may break them. Dishonesty may tear Olitz apart.

I can’t take this right now. Really. I just. I just can’t.


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