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Nashville Recap 2×7: She’s Got You


Okay, sometimes I like to switch my formats up … so this week, it’s going to be in list form.

Things that happened in Nashville this week:

  1. Scarlett and Avery are still half-way together. As Scarlett put it, they “aren’t not together.” Well, Scarlett, I liked it better when you were officially not together. Gunnar is better! You need to be with Gunnar.
  2. Gunnar makes a deal with Jeff (the mean record label guy) – if Jeff gives him break (record deal, or just something to help his career), Gunnar will let Edgehill have his song so that Will can record it. Jeff semi-likes Gunnar’s demo and sends Gunnar out on tour with a “mentor,” so that Gunnar can see what the music business is really about.
  3. Good news: Scarlett gets to go on tour with Luke Wheeler! Yay for her! The real good news – Gunnar is on the same tour! It’s gonna be real hard to stay away from that soulful-singing-fox. [Although, Gunnar is still secretly sleeping with Scarlett’s best friend. Uh oh.]
  4. Maddie does not want Teddy to marry Peggy. [Let’s be honest – no one wants Teddy to marry Peggy.] Maddie is having a lot of trouble dealing with all of her “daddy issues,” which is completely warranted in her situation. She wants Teddy to still love her and spend time with her, even after he is remarried. And she also wants to have a real relationship with Deacon – “Do you think Deacon will ever look at me the way that Dad looks at Daphne?” This proves to be a problem for Rayna as well, because she has been trying her best to stay away from Deacon – because we all know how much they are drawn to each other.  Rayna decides that Maddie deserves a relationship with Deacon, and they are just going to have to learn how to be in each other’s lives.
  5. Teddy and Peggy get married. What the heck? What the heck is going to happen when Teddy finds out that Peggy is not pregnant? Is she going to fake a miscarriage? Won’t he find out? So many questions! Even if Teddy did really love her and would have married her out of love and not because she was pregnant, now he is going to realize how crazy manipulative she is, and he is not going to want to be married to her anymore. But how do you explain that one to your constituents? – “Great people of Tennessee. I am divorcing Peggy after a few weeks because I only married her because I thought she was pregnant. But she is a freaking liar and made the whole thing up. Whoops. Vote Teddy Conrad for Congressman!”
  6. Rayna hangs out with Luke Wheeler on his humongous ranch. They take a walk by the pond, discuss co-parenting with step-parents, and then shoot guns. And then, he kisses her, and she can’t resist his cowboy charm anymore. The next thing we know, they are in bed together. But, then Maddie calls from Teddy’s wedding. Luke knows that the kids always come first and tells Rayna she should go get Maddie. I like Luke (a lot). But let’s be real, he’s no Deacon Claybourne.deaconandluke
  7. Speaking of Deacon – Deacon wants to get back in the music thing. He enlists Avery to play guitar for him, so that he can perform in some tiny bar out of town – so that no one he cares about sees him. He is really nervous about performing again, especially without his guitar in his hands. While practicing with Avery, he looks super duper awkward trying to sing without his guitar. Avery tries to help him and tell him to move a little bit, but that only makes things worse, as Deacon starts doing all of these hand motions and flapping his arms around. Avery reminds him that he has performed with some of the best artists in music, and Deacon just needs to do what they do.
  8. When Deacon and Avery get to the little bar outside of town, it is now a comedy bar. Just in time, Rayna calls Deacon to tell him that Maddie deserves a chance to have a relationship with him. Deacon invites Maddie and Ryana to the Bluebird, and does a great performance of “You’re the Kind of Trouble.” After the show, Deacon and Maddie have a cute conversation about how hard it is to perform without a guitar. Maddie tells Deacon that it is awkward for her too and says, “Maybe I get that from you.”
  9. Will and Layla are still pretending to date for the media, but Will’s real love – Brent – has a new boyfriend of his own. Will is super jealous, but he doesn’t want to come out, so there’s really nothing he can do. When Brent and his new boyfriend come into the restaurant where Will is having drinks, some stupid football fans start heckling Brent and the boyfriend. They are really mean to them, and call them “perverts” and other ignorant things. Will gets up and leaves the bar, and you think that he isn’t going to do anything about it. But wait … Will goes out to the parking deck and waits for the hecklers to leave. Then, he beats the crap out of them.  Chris Carmack (who plays Will) tweeted last night, “Will Lexington is like Gay Batman!” Then, after beating up some people, he goes to Layla’s room, throws his cowboy hat off, and kisses her. Layla, who has been trying to hook up with Will for a while, says, “It’s about time cowboy.” If you only knew, Layla, if you only knew…
  10. Juliette Barnes is still having trouble with Layla stealing her thunder/media time.  With a little help from Charlie Wentworth, Juliette decides that she is the Queen of Country Music, and she should not be begging for time with the media – they should begging for time with her. Therefore, she decides that she is going to ignore “Santa Claus” – a sleazy radio guy who got his nickname from giving airplay to female singers after they sit on his lap.  Well, Santa Claus isn’t too happy about being ignored by Juliette, so he convinces all of the media people to leave the concert before Juliette’s set. Juliette is venting to Charlie Wentworth about Santa Claus, and he is very upset that someone would take advantage of young women that way. So what does he do? He totally “Christian Grey’s” her. You see, Charlie owns the radio station, so he fires Santa Claus. Oh, Charlie Wentworth going all “Christian Grey” on errrbody. Well, Juliette in a brilliant move, gets Charlie to re-hire Santa Claus. But, she also tells Santa Claus that she is the one that had him fired/re-hired just to show him that she has the power over him. You go, Juliette.
  11. After her tryst with Santa Claus, Juliette tells Layla that she doesn’t have to put up with him or any other sleazy men. If anyone acts inappropriately toward her, she can just tell Juliette, and Juliette Christian Charles will take care of it. Well, Layla doesn’t want her help – “Guess what? I’m not you. Go save someone else.” Then, Juliette gives the best line of the night (and maybe the series), “I guess ‘nice’ just ain’t my color.”
  12. Juliette returns to her hotel room, and there is a knock at the door. Thinking that it is Charlie, she yells, “It’s about time!” But SURPRISE, it’s Olivia. Olivia quickly cuts to the chase and says, “I know you’re sleeping with my husband.” Okay, we all knew that was coming because we saw it on all the previews and promos. But what we DID NOT see coming was what happened next. “But what I don’t understand, is why you’re not sleeping with me.” And then, Olivia sneak attack kissed Juliette!!! And then it was over.whaaaaat

2 thoughts on “Nashville Recap 2×7: She’s Got You

  1. Love this show and the music is great, but sometimes it stretches beyond the realm of believability, as in plot twist 12 on your list. Definitely a fun shocker but a bit over the top. As far as the record executive setting up Scarlett to get back and Rayna, are people in the country music business that cut throat? Yipes. I compare Nashville to my favorite show of all time, Friday Night Lights and think the reason FNL was such an incredible show is that the story line never strayed that far from what is real. That being said, I would love to see Coach Taylor move to Nashville and coach at Vanderbilt and meet Rayna and tell her, don’t I know you from another life? LOL

    • A Coach Taylor appearance on Nashville via coaching at Vandy is probably the most brilliant thing I’ve heard all week. If he became a series regular… I’d be over the moon. How do we make that happen?

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