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The Mindy Project Recap: 2×7 “Sk8er Man”

The entire time I was watching this episode, I was constantly interrupted by Congressional Election updates. Needless to say I was quite peeved and have never been more frustrated with the American Democratic System… and the local media. *shakes fist in the air*


Timothy Olyphant (you may remember him from I am Number Four, that beautiful scene in Catch and Release or some show on FX that I’ve never seen) graced us with his presence as a guest star. The whole thing was quite magical because ordinarily I would be turned off by “skater punk people” but something about the youthful, 40- year old, X Games professional totally did it for me—and Dr. Mindy Lahiri too.

It all starts with what Mindy Kaling tweeted was “the most violent meet cute in the history of meet cutes” and I’m a sucker for meet cutes of any variety… they’re just so darn cute. He crashes into her on his skate board and she mistakes him for a mugger whaling “Take my money! Take my bra!” (The girl clearly has a fetish with her own boobs. I don’t get it, but it’s funny.)

olyphantgoodatsexThe best part of the whole episode was when Graham Logan (that’s the skater dude’s name) delivers a stellar pick up line. He pretends to give up on asking Mindy out and rolls away but first nails some pretty awesome skateboard tricks off of construction equipment. As usual, I ponder if he used a stunt double, but that’s not important. After sticking a sweet landing he inquires “Did you see that? That’s how good I am at sex.” Again, it worked for me and it worked for Dr. Lahiri.

Danny and Mindy are invited to a fancy dinner party and when Mindy gets assigned to the couples table (because she’s too picky to get set up at the singles’ table), she interrupts Danny’s conversation. To get his attention she whispers something about Giuliani re-running for mayor. Being the quintessential Italian New Yorker, Danny is all ears “What did you hear?!?” Classic.

vanessabayerSaturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer also guest stars as Mary, an almost love interest for Danny but who has a terribly bland personality and is a terrible storyteller. (These are actually quite prevalent in the world- bad storytellers. If I ever get rich, I’m going to fund a non-profit that leads workshops on how to tell good stories in social situations.) Props to Bayer for her SNL Miley impressions and Jewish boy Jacob but she’s got a while before she achieves the caliber of Tina Fey or Amy Poehler or Kristin Wiig. I believe in you Bayer. I believe in you. Mary’s stories are so bad that Mindy feigns slitting her wrists and Danny later falls asleep right when Mary tries to kiss him. Poor girl.

angrybrainmindyTo prove Danny wrong, that she’s not picky, Mindy seeks out Graham Logan skater man again. However, his free-spiritedness and refusal to get health care frustrates her to no end. “My body is very attracted to your body but when you speak my brain gets angry.” However, when he risks his life to rescue her phone (8 years worth of selfies on that thing) she can’t help but fall for him again. They double date with Mary and Danny but Graham/Timothy gets the group to dine and dash. When Mindy can’t fit through the gate they escape through, she faces facts and breaks up with Graham. He rips off his break away pants to skate off into the sunset.

charleswidmoreSide Story- Jeremy’s dad comes to visit. Jeremy’s dad is Charles Widmore from LOST (and Caleb on The O.C.) Charles Widmore invites Dr. Peter Prentice along for dinner and when Jeremy whines that he thought it’d be just the two of them, Charles Widmore replies with “ What would we talk about?” Let’s be real. This is what I ask myself every time I’m put in a one-on-one situation with someone who doesn’t watch television. It’s a major concern of mine. Jeremy clearly has Daddy Issues and these are only exacerbated by his father’s favoritism for Peter. The two doctors resolve their issues however when Peter apologizes “You took a chance on a rude dude with a bad ‘tude when no one wude [would].” For some reason that turned over my giggle box.

mindydannydineFinal Scene: Danny and Mindy are best friends and even though they tease each other like 5th graders they secretly love each other. I love it.



Morgan Moment!…morgannamesbabies

This episode almost made me forget that Pastor Casey ever existed. Almost. I’m still bitter about it.


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