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Nashville Recap 2×6: It Must Be You

robin-robertsWe’ve got another cameo! Robin Roberts, the great morningshow host and hard hitting journalist that we all know and love, interviews Rayna James about finally getting her voice back. Rayna shamelessly plugs Highway 65 but Robin won’t be swayed from the real issues at hand- Rayna’s love life.

deaconpianoCue the Deacon scene. Since his damaged fingers can’t play the guitar, he’s resorting to the piano. And boy do I love a man on the ivories. (However, I despise that sleazy gold ring on his finger). Lawyer Lady is there again -clearly she’s been spending the night a lot- and in a pretty adorable repartee, she invites him to the Annual Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match. She calls him a reverse snob (I can identify).

Rayna’s trying to promote Scarlett and hopes to have her open for Juliette. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea- they’re not really the same style at all- but whatever, that’s just me. And when Rayna tries to warn Juliette against being too friendly with the married Charlie Wentworth, Juliette gets defensive and refuses to tour with Scarlett anyway. Scarlett’s just an innocent bystander! Give the girl a break!

Teddy is holding a press conference with regard to some political crap that I don’t care about but some reporter does throw him a curveball about his engagement to Peggy Kinter. Teddy claims the engagement happened “well after his divorce,” and I’m like “Let’s be real. That thing was finalized literally 3 episodes ago. You lying, cheating scumbag.”

bighateventI get Pretty Woman flashbacks as everyone convenes at the Polo Match: Rayna, Tandie, Juliette, Deacon, Lawyer Lady, Luke Wheeler, Charlie Wentworth the British Man Slut, Olivia the perfect wife.  It’s sure to be a hotbed of drama.

Luke Wheeler is mad crushing on Rayna and as I look deep into my crystal ball, at a world where Deacon and Rayna never get back together, Luke and Rayna are like the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw of fictional country music.  CONNIE BRITTON, WILL CHASEAfter Rayna strikes out begging for donors at the Polo Match, she bats her pretty eyelashes at Luke and he agrees to let Scarlett open for him on tour. THEN… he kisses her! Like a true gentleman, he takes his cowboy hat off first of course. Is Rayna “pimping herself out” or does she really like the King of Country Music?

Scarlett is nervous about her performance at the Blue Bird for reporters and potential fans. In some strange logic of hers, she turns to Avery for advice- yeah, the guy who ruined his own career, he should be a fount of wisdom #sarcasticfont. They have this long convo scarlettvideogameof nothing but extended metaphors where Avery’s relationship with Scarlett is equivalent to his music career. They decide to play video games and I discover the way to a modern man’s heart is through Playstation or Nintendo or whatever. Too bad I suck at those. Anyway, Scarlett goes in for the kiss and the next thing you know they are waking up in bed together! WTF. Where is this coming from? They make plans to meet up at her show and I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing. I mean, Avery is definitely growing on me… but not enough to be with Scarlett again. I’m conflicted.

charlieinthestableBack at the polo match, it turns out Charlie Wentworth invited Juliette just so he could see more of her. She wants nothing to do with him and refuses to entertain his offer of being the face of a country music festival. Charlie states his case and shows of his manliness, mucking out stalls, winning the polo match and showing how much of a B his wife Olivia really is. This wins over Juliette and they take a tumble… in his hotel room!

charliedoesjulietteI mean it was hotttt. He left her his key, they basically plan their affair in some sexy foreplay role play business arrangement. Things aren’t hunky dory however because Olivia walks in on them. Homegirl does NOT look happy. She’s sure to do some damage because she has that crazy look in her eye. Juliette’s going to have another Scandal on her hands.


After finding out that Scarlett and Avery might be getting back together, Zoey’s feelings of guilt go flying off in the wind. The Girl Code need not be administered because she is totes into Gunnar and he couldn’t be happier. Zoey makes a statement about Scarlett never finding out… well of course that means that she WILL! I give it 2 to 3 episodes.

Fun Fact: We didn’t see Will at all this episode. And I was pleased as punch:)



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