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Scandal Recap 3×4: Say Hello To My Little Friend

I can only assume the title of this episode alludes to the “little friend” anatomically attached to every male version of our species. Clever, soooo clever.

goodgirloliviaWe open to scenes of Jake hastily packing up his things in Olivia’s apartment in preparation to move back to his place and I mourn the loss of one of the best roommates in the world. I personally would looove to live with Jake but that’s beside the point. Thank heavens Jake finally gets the answers from Olivia that have stumped me for weeks. “Does Fitz know that your father is Command?” Olivia says “no.” It’s eerie seeing Olivia in a state of weakness. Clearly her father has a choke hold on her. “I need to be a good girl. Go to Sunday dinner. I’ve never heard of B6-13. I’ve never heard of you” Homegirl has been brainwashed.


Side Story:

harrisondanceOlivia Pope and Associates finally has a job! They can keep the lights on and Harrison quickly spreads the word to the entire team- complimented by some pretty sweet dance moves. Again, I’m offering my services to play the part of Harrison’s love interest, just sayin.

They’re going to represent Senator Richard Meyers of Washington who’s been accused of murdering a girl he was sexting. His nickname is “Redwood Johnson.” I mean come on! Seriously? Ick. Gross.

themeyersHe’s married to Shelley Meyers, an upstanding lawyer of excellent moral fiber who also serves as her husband’s alibi. Shelley Meyers stands by her husband no matter what and insists he is innocent after this one time sext incident. When it turns out that the Senator has continued sexting even during the trial, Shelley disappears. She despises her philandering, sleazy husband and let’s be real, who can blame her?  However, she is STILL confident that he did not commit murder. Olivia encourages her to take the stand and, surprise surprise—tell the TRUTH! David Rosen is the prosecutor and thinks he’s got the case all tied up when he asks her if she loves her husband. Her response: “No. I don’t love him. He’s a pervert. And a creep. And I hate him. But you don’t go to jail for that. He didn’t kill that girl.” It’s brilliant. But what I didn’t see coming was the fact that she knows he didn’t kill her because SHE did! Shelley Meyers murdered the sexting whore. When Olivia confronts her about it I feel sick to my stomach because I realize, Olivia Pope is not for justice- just her client. She doesn’t really wear the white hat and she is not going to turn Shelley Meyers in. I’m so disappointed.

Phoebe from Friends:

lisakudrowIt’s about time Lisa Kudrow did something new since Friends (the greatest sitcom ever) besides those Yoplait commercials. (Sometimes I find myself channeling Phoebe because she is hilarious and her personality quirks are contagious.) She plays Josephine Marcus of Montana, contender for the Presidency and threat to President Grant’s 2nd term pursuit. Dirty Little Secret- Had a baby at 15. But the public doesn’t know and for now she’s congenial and down to earth and loved by the people. mouthymellieMellie makes things worse when she accidentally bad mouths the voters in favor of Josephine Marcus. Cy’s hilarious reminder “Like a gun, the microphone is always loaded.” When the press has a field day trashing Mouth Mellie the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), Cy verbally attacks her. Fitz casually defends her and subconsciously grabs her hand in support. For some weird reason Mellie is not happy with this private display of affection, hastily snatching her hand away and stomping from the room. I’m confused.


Secret Missions:

funeralfitzFitz sees Pete Foster’s death/ suicide announcement in the paper and is shaken. We don’t know their connection but, in one of the most moving moments and displays of character,  he generously foots the bill for Pete’s funeral. He’s buried at Arlington with a proper military funeral and I’m moved to tears as the bluesy Nina Simone sings in the background. Fitz barely holds back tears and I just want to know why he cares so much. What is the connection?!?!

Thankfully, Jake and Huck become the B6-13 tag team and intently search for answers regarding Operation Remington and the pesky connection I can’t figure out. Here’s the sitch:

Pete Foster had a flight plan number tattooed on his side- the missing flight from his record. Apparently, Jake and Fitz were involved in Operation Remington in Iran. Jake and 3 other Navy guys were on the ground while Fitz flew air support. Jake insists on this. However, it seems there was a switcheroo and Pete Foster flew instead of Fitz. Where was Fitz?!?!?

hucklectureMeanwhile, Huck has been going back to AA meetings because he fell of the whiskey/assassin wagon. Quinn followed him and Huck is NOT happy about being spied on. He gets all up in Quinn Nancy Drew’s face and I’m like “it’s about time! Girl is getting annoying…”

oliviamakeouthairEven though Jake has been busy sleuthing, he makes time to console an emotionally confused Olivia. O: “I am not crying. I’m trying not to scream.” J: Put your head right here. You are not alone.” He lets her rest his head on her shoulder and like any sensible girl, Liv can’t resist his sweetness. They commence a pretty heavy make-out session that has her hair all mussed. (and not in a good way. She kind of looks like Alfalfa- a rare moment).  Suddenly her Fitz phone rings. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard Olitz fan, but at the end of the day, he’s the POTUS and still married. Until that changes, Jake is a great option and not too shabby in the looks department. She can’t have both of them, so I wasn’t too peeved when he intentionally interrupted her adorable phone call with Mr. President. It’s kind of funny how he teases her. I want Jake to be happy too!!jakemettles

commandfitzreunionApparently, Fitz called Liv because he needed a comforting voice before confronting Rowan/Eli. Wait. What? WTF. They know each other?!?!? What do you mean reunion? My mind is reeling.

P.S. When did Abby and David get back together??! Did I miss something?




cyjamesnastyI am NOT addressing this…. Seriously. I refuse to comment.


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