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Nashville Recap 2×5: Don’t Open That Door


Bobby Bones

Don’t know if y’all noticed, but Bobby Bones [from The Bobby Bones Show] was great in this episode. Everyone’s favorite morning radio host guest-starred as one of the reporters at Juliette’s press conference. And of course he had the most important lines of all of the reporters. Really though, he was great, and I hope the producers #BringBobbyBack. [It is also currently my life’s goal to go to Nashville during the week so that I visit The Bobby Bones Show one morning – maybe spring break…]


Rayna is fed up with Edgehill and the new Jeff guy. She wants out. She wants to own Highway 65 Records and the masters from the Liam album.  So, Rayna checks her pride and asks Lamar for the millions of dollars to buy out her contract.

Also, Rayna can’t sing. Her voice has still not recovered from the intubation after the accident. Her vocal therapist tries to tell her that some of her symptoms may just be anxiety, but Rayna is really stressing out about her voice – I mean, her music is her life’s work…

Rayna is asked to invite Juliette into the Opry at fellow country music star Luke Wheeler’s benefit concert. I think that Luke is going to stick around for a few episodes, and maybe be a love interest for Rayna… That’s okay with me, I like him. Anyway, after Rayna invites Juliet to join the Opry, Luke Wheeler asks Rayna to spontaneously perform, and because her songs are so legendary, the band automatically knows how to play one of her greatest hits.  Rayna is really frightened that her voice is not going to work, but she quietly makes it through the first verse.  Then, her voice starts cracking, and she gets really emotional and even more frightened. But, the audience saves the day and starts belting the song back to her in support.  Rayna feeds off of the audience and starts singing powerfully and beautifully just like the Old Rayna James.  It was actually quite a beautiful scene, and I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed.


Last week, Juliette asked Layla Grant to join her tour, so that she could still attract the tween age group to her concerts. This week, Juliette realizes that she may have made a mistake, and she is not looking forward to being out on the road with bubbly Layla. She decides that she needs some testosterone on the tour and invites Will to join the tour, cutting Layla’s set shorter.

Juliette needs a band and a band manager and pretty much an entire crew for her new tour. So of course, she asks Deacon to be her guitarist. When Deacon tells her that he can’t play right now, she begs him to join her tour in any capacity – band manager, music director, anything. But, Deacon is still pretty depressed that he can’t play music, so he declines the offer and declares that he is walking away from music altogether.

Juliette gets invited to join the Opry at the benefit, and she is super surprised and happy.  I think that she felt like someone was finally appreciating her and her music.  But of course, she was selfishly upset that Rayna stole her moment by doing her comeback performance on Juliet’s Opry invitation night. Then later, she overhears Luke Wheeler tell Rayna that he was glad that she performed so that the night wasn’t all about Juliette. Juliette is hurt, so she runs to Avery. She realizes that he was the only friend that she had, and she needs him. She asks him to come back and be her guitarist on the tour. But, Avery declines and says that he can’t do music as a career because he loves it too much – which doesn’t really make any sense. So, Juliette has no friends and no band. Oh well.

Deacon and Scarlett

Deacon is getting better – Hallelujah. He isn’t being mean to people, and he is actually acting like his old self. But, he still can’t play the guitar, so he is really sad about that. And, I am really sad about that. He tells Juliette that he can’t be around music if he can’t play. Then, Juliette makes a comment that ruins Deacon all over again, “That accident ruined two great careers.” She tells Deacon that Rayna’s voice hasn’t recovered, and she still can’t sing.

Deacon runs over to Rayna’s house and let’s himself in – because he can – because he’s Deacon Claybourne. He is sad for Rayna, and he probably feels a little guilty about the car accident again. Rayna tells him that she is working with a therapist, and it will just take some time. Then, the convo turns back to Deacon and his hand. He tells Rayna that he is done. She says, “You don’t need to be anybody’s guitarist. You might need to take a minute, figure out who you are without a guitar in your hand. But, don’t you ever say you’re done with music.” And that encouragement from Rayna is just what Deacon needed.

Really though, Charles Esten is magnificent as Deacon. All of the emotions that show in his face and in his music. Just beautiful.

Scarlett is really fed up with the music business. She loves music, singing, performing, and songwriting. But, she doesn’t like press lines, makeovers, or interview coaching. After getting yanked off the red carpet because of a really bad interview, she returns home really frustrated with her music career. But, Sweet Deacon reassures her that she loves music and needs to stick with it. Deacon begins to play a simple song on the piano, and Scarlett picks up her banjo.  They sing a beautiful song together – “This Town.”

Gunnar and Avery and Zoey

Gunnar and Avery have somehow become friends and are now writing songs together. The song is really really good, but they decide that it needs a female voice too. Scarlett is not on wonderful terms with either of them, and it would probably be really awkward for her to sing with both of her ex-boyfriends anyway. So, that leaves her BFF, Zoey. Zoey comes over and sings with them, but after Avery leaves, Gunnar confesses that he wrote the song for her. Then they sleep together, and I am yelling:


Gunnar is supposed to be with Scarlett! Not sleeping with her best friend! Ugh, Gunnar.

Lamar and Tandy

Look, y’all. When are the Nashville producers going to realize that no one cares about the Lamar/Tandy storyline. I feel like they are trying to make a huge deal out of the fact that Lamar is not the most standup guy – no joke, he’s a politician. I mean, the only way that it really matters is that Rayna now does not have the financial means to buy out her Edgehill contract.

Next Week

Everyone is having sex with everyone!! For some reason the married, rich, British guy is coming back – Juliette needs to stay far far away from him – but of course, she won’t.


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