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PLL Recap: Grave New World

Okay, so a whole lot happened in this episode — so I will just touch on the high points.

1. Ezra is still acting super duper sketch.  Y’all, they tried to make us think that Toby was A once, and we all knew that it couldn’t be true — and it wasn’t.  Are they trying to trick us again?? I do not want Ezra to be bad.  He is just so sweet and cute, and no one even likes evil Ezra.  People like kiss-me-in-the-rain-in-the-parking-lot-of-the-high-school Ezra.




#DontBeEvil #Please

But anyways, Ezra was in fact in Ravenswood the whole time, and lied about it. And he was dressed as a super creepy soldier guy with a gas mask. And then later, a solder with a gas mask attacked Spencer – but let’s not act like there have never been more than one person in the same mask/costume on PLL. Plus, A tried to sabotage Ezra’s relationship with Malcolm, and Ezra wouldn’t do that, right??

 I refuse to believe that Ezra is evil, y’all. I just can’t


Or is it Alison? Does Alison have a secret twin (à la the books)?

Anyways, Alison finally revealed herself to the liars in true Ali fashion:


She told the girls that she isn’t safe, and no one can know that she is still alive. Then, Ezra shows up, and Ali disappears — Is Ezra who she is scared of? Or does she just not want anyone to know?

And let’s not pretend that it is totally plausible that a supposedly-dead teenage girl has been secretly roaming around the town for 3 years and absolutely no one has noticed. Did CeCe know? Are they both red coat?

Now that Ali is indeed alive, she better start giving us some freaking answers.

3. Caleb is gone. He stayed in Ravenswood. I am so so sad. Caleb and Hannah need each other.  So, they didn’t technically break up, but he freaking has his own show now. Can he be on both shows???? I sure hope so. Hanna cannot survive without him.  Come back, Caleb!!! I secretly hope that Ravenswood fails, so that he can return to Rosewood.

I think that is about all that happened – which are all pretty major things.


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