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Nashville Recap 2×4 You’re No Angel Yourself

Special shout out to coworker Kelsey M. for your contribution to this review, being my sounding board and what not—no matter how belated the actual post may be!


raynagravecryGraveside, the girls are all gathered around to honor Grandma Wyatt on her birthday. Maddie’s got an attitude that would have warranted her a stern warning and then a spanking… no matter how old she was… had she been the daughter of my mom. Instead, Rayna is sickly sweet and polite  and Maddie begrudgingly obeys. Later, Rayna breaks down while confiding in her deceased mother and yet again I vow to forever support Connie Britton in her Emmy winning goals. I mean the woman is still pretty even when she cries.

peggyteddyengagePeggy still ain’t preggo according to the pee stick and all I can imagine is the next Stephen King novel where she goes psycho. The woman is crazy. Unfortunately, Teddy is oblivious to her insanity and presents her with his grandmother’s ring!! Apparently he wants to avoid a scandal AND be a family, but spoiler alert… there’s probably going to be a scandal anyway and you can’t have a family when Peggy Kinter is a murderer!

At a promotional photoshoot all the newbie singers: Will, Scarlett and Layla are under the hot heat of celebrity and camera flashes. Will and Layla are naturals while poor Scarlett is awkward and birdlike.

deaconlawyerDeacon goes to pay his lawyer but she refuses. There’s some pretty intense chemistry between him and Lawyer Lady and she makes her intentions clear when she instead proposes that they go to dinner as payment. Who gave that woman her law degree because she is brilliant!?!?! At dinner, she tells her sad story about how her newlywed husband of 2 years died and how she started taking on court appointed cases after confronting his 17 year old murderer. Long story short, the end up sleeping together but I kind of like her. She’s like a grown up Pocahontas- who is my favorite Disney princess. Plus she prompts Deacon to use works like “litigious.” Someone’s been using their word of the day calendar! Even though I like her, I really just think she’s the cleansing re-bound for Deacon before he goes back to Rayna.

Apparently, Tandie’s been doing some investigating into her mother’s death and suspects that Llamar had something to do with it. Oh. The woman’s been scorned. Look out Llamar.

Rayna pays Juliette a visit to tell her in person that she can join her on the Red Lips, White Lies tour. She chalks it up to family issues but we all know it’s because she can’t sing. Juliette’s reaction is hilarious. “This sucks!”

zoeyScarlett’s friend, Zoey, is getting more camera time and, oh snap, she can sing too! It’s a deep, soulful sound, vastly different from Scarlett’s but still beautiful.

At the insistence of Edgehill, Will goes to Gunnar to get the rights to his song and Gunner is like H to the no you moocher! They get into a heated argument and it prompts the dichotomy of performers vs artists. My interpretation: Will is just a performer. gunnarperformerGunnar is an artist with the ability to perform. Ergo Gunnar is better and Will should crawl away and die. While Gunner is practicing his song, thinking he’s alone, Avery walks in with some props. It looks like both of Scarlett’s exes are becoming fast friends.


It’s the Symphony Gala, sponsored by Llamar Wyatt and Co. and everyone can’t help but notice that Rayna’s chest is about to fall out of her dress. I mean seriously, it could Janet Jackson Super Bowl Halftime the Sequel. While there, Peggy the Idiot wears Teddy’s ring on a chain around her neck even though they were supposed to keep the engagement hush hush. Maddie notices, has a mental breakdown, makes a scene and runs away. maddierunawayLiterally. She’s nowhere to be found. Who does she turn to? Her idol. Juliette Barnes. The whole incident does give us a glimpse of Daddy Deacon. He’s really worried about Maddie and gives her the sweetest little lecture. “You know a lot of people were worried about you. Do me a favor? Don’t run off like that again. Be safe.”


juliettenoJuliette’s been dealing with the fallout of her tour plans. She has to go on tour or her record won’t sell. Her agent recommends opening for Luke Wheeler or doing a smaller tour or going back to her old material to appeal to her old fan base. “No! No! And no!” is Juliette’s response. (This may be my new favorite GIF for when it’s obvious how much I disagree). But Maddie gives her an idea. Offer Layla Grant a chance to open. Juliette doesn’t even let the girl in the front door. Just makes the offer and then immediately slams the door in her face.

Best part of the night: Lennon and Maisy are back! They sing a duet of Deacon’s song he wrote for Rayna “A Life That’s Good.” In all honesty, I think Rayna’s Highway 65 Records label should sign Scarlett, Zoey, Gunnar, Avery… and her own freakishly talented daughters.

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