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Mindy Project Recap 2×5: “Wiener Night”

Yet again, I have been remiss in my duties. I am ashamed and have no viable excuse other than the pressures and demands of being a working woman in America. I am guilty of neglecting my shows. I should be publicly flogged.

enemyweddingIn this episode, irony abounds because we open with Mindy complaining about her inflight movie equipment- I watched this episode in a Miami airport waiting for my flight. Mindy and I are the same person. She complains to the flight attendant, “My Tv is broken and I can’t be alone with my thoughts. I’m coming back from an enemy’s wedding.”  And while this is hilarious, I can’t help but frantically attempt to pause my iPad because I suspect… could it be?… yes! Mindy’s hair is fully grown out!

kevinsmithAnd so begins the Ultimate Meet-Cute (something I hope, wish and pray for  every time I book a flight- could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Will are grandchildren revel in the tale of how their grandparents met and fell in love in coach?). Including the day I watched this episode. In an airport. There’s a cameo appearance by Kevin Smith- he’s the hypocritical fat guy who insults Mindy, stinks up the bathroom and ,fortunately, sat in the wrong seat.  Instead, Mindy is assigned to sit next to Jason, a writer for the New York independent and an interesting looking cute person (played by Ben Feldman). They each shamelessly inquire about relationship statusesairplanebuddy, discover they are polar opposites but ultimately decide to go on a date. Ah bliss! Mindy is ecstatic and shares to much “I’m going to go pee now because I may have contracted a UTI waiting for you to ask me out.” It only makes me think of Casey and how he would have just run with such a classless statement. *sigh*

Mindy flounces into work to show off her new, cultured writer boyfriend’s work in the New York Independent. On the back Danny sees an ad for Christina’s art exhibit- (him in the nude) and goes berserk.  Christina is exacting her revenge!

datenightPost First Date- Jason and Mindy have gone to see a movie which he loved and she felt like featured people who were too normal. “I have not yet tired of seeing hot people fall in love.” ( I couldn’t agree more, Mindy Lahiri. Couldn’t agree more.) He makes some snobby statement about a cliché movie featuring Rachel McAdams… Mindy interrupts. “When is that movie coming out? I have an email alert for Rachel McAdams. I don’t know how I don’t know about this” and I wonder to myself self why don’t you have those email alerts?hotpeoplefallinlove

jasonmindykissAfter the date, Mindy invites Jason up to her apartment in a move that I found a little to forward and yet again she pushes the boundaries of propriety warning him that she “has to go in first because I think I forgot to flush the toilet.” Even though Jason agrees, he insults her by stating the obvious that they have nothing in common and basically calling her dumb. Of course this is a sure fire way to get rejected and Mindy recants her offer. Cue dramatic exit stage left.

After an exchange in the elevator between Peter Prentice, Danny and the Midwife, the entire office now knows about Danny’s upcoming art show. Mindy sees this is a prime opportunity to show Jason how cultured she is and asks Danny if Jason can be her plus one. He gives her the hand. Literally. It’s hilarious.

Mindy invites Jason over the phone and when she hastily ends the conversation she slips out those 3 words! I personally was shocked but maybe she tells everyone that. Did anyone else pick up on it? I mean, you can’t just throw those words around!

mamamaIn an effort to put the brakes on Christina’s show, Danny meets with lawyer, Cliff. I feel like they’re setting him up for a larger role on the show, maybe a love interest for Mindy? But I’m not feeling it. He’s not that cute. Call me shallow but I don’t approve. Danny’s mom calls wanting  to go to the art exhibit. Danny goes all Italian begging her not come, “Ma! Ma! Ma!”

hideweinerartcriticAt the exhibit, extras are cleverly spaced about so as to shield viewers from Danny’s manparts. Mindy tries to constructively criticize the artistic meaning behind the photographs, Cliff flirts with Mindy, Jeremy gushes over Jason (starstruck!) Danny stomps around in an irate huff and Peter and  Morgan giggle over the word “penis”.  Jeremy has had enough when they start wrestling like children. “Why must everything be settled by tussling?”


The best part is when innocent little Betsy observes that  “Dr. C is a masterpiece. His skin is so taut. I just want to know it.” He touches her and her quivering reaction is hilarious.

The second best part is when Danny exclaims, “I can’t believe people are buying this stuff. It’s flummoxing! I’m flummoxed. “ I would like more opportunities in life to use this work. Flummox.


boobshotIn a series of spiraling events, Christina’s pre-recorded face comes on a giant screen, calling out Danny and transforming all of the photographs into creepy demon, devil-looking vandalized street art. In classic Mindy fashion, she steps up to defend him and to prove a point accidentally Instagrams a pic of her boobs. – “NipCity is trending.” Thanks for the update Morgan.

pantscopsRight as Danny is taking off his pants to somehow further reinforce a point the cops show up in response to the fake call he placed complaining about the indecency of the art exhibit.

It’s all over and Mindy walks out to console Danny, telling him he has a hot body (why can’t they just confess their love/like for each other already!?!?!?)- when skanky, fan girl approaches. Mindy tells him to go with her and he jumps on the chance to appease a fan of his hot body. mindyconsoles

Somewhere along the way, Jason disappeared. Probably during the Instagram Incident. Surprise! Jason is on Mindy’s front stoop. Mindy had given up and was consoling herself with a corn dog and a youtube video, “I’m actually watching a video online of a baby who is startled by his own fart.” (I love stuff like that. Let’s be real. Nothing is funnier or cuter than babies… and puppies. Naturally, the combination are just too perfect for words.) Jason makes a Pretty in Pink reference and learns how to play Katy Perry on a ukulele- winning Mindy over. They’re back together. Oh the beauty of compromise in a budding relationship.

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