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Scandal Recap 3×2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Fun Fact: Last week, on two separate, unprompted occasions, someone told me I reminded them of Olivia Pope. One of my coworkers, aware of my admiration for Kerry Washington jokingly tells me this whenever I’m in a bad mood… but this is different. These were strangers! Needless to say, I gushed and giggled until I was pool of mirth on the floor.

daddydaughteroverShonda Rimes knows how to make me happy: with the flashbacks! It’s a brilliant way to bring us viewers up to speed and make shocking revelations in a clever way. Last week, we were left confused with questions centered on Olivia’s dad, his connections to B6-13 and just how much Olivia knew about her father’s shady dealings.  This week… all of our questions were answered. Well, most all of them. Okay, a few of them.

It’s 5 years prior to present day (aka Olivia Pope’s rocking the bangs) and she’s on her way to a standing Sunday appointment with her dad. Apparently, good Samaritan that she is, she always brings Huck (her Union Station homeless friend) her leftovers and it’s the highlight of his life.  Much like Rory on Gilmore Girls, Olivia has been blackmailed into spending time with her father as repayment for his footing the bill on law school loans. At this point in time, she really does believe that he works at the Smithsonian, as he launches into a scintillating lecture on the difference between Mastodons and Mammoths. Also at this time. Olivia is dating Edison (gross), they live together, he has proposed and she has refused. Over a conversation, he claims that he’s not going to ask her again and I’m like “uh head’s up from the future… yeah. Ya do.”

Back in Union Station, Olivia gets mugged! (I mean let’s be real, she had it coming because her fabulous outfits and brand name bags practically scream “Rob me.”) Homeless Huck swoops in to save the day with some assassin skills and a shell-shocked Olivia scurries away, bag in tow.

Later she comes back to figure out how in the heck Huck knew what to do. With an uncharacteristic amount of word vomit, he tells her everything. He tells her about B6-13, about being an assassin, about the cover company Acme Limited, about it being called Wonderland. Naturally, she thinks he’s crazy. “Is there a medication you should be on?” she soothes.

Fast forward to present day and the ever health conscious Olivia is jogging in a park, split with media coverage scenes covering Fitz’s alleged affair with Jeannine. My favorite body guard runs up parallel to her and hands Olivia a cell phone real sly like (please note, I’m pretty sure it’s a flip phone. Can’t the President afford a smart phone?) This is the scene in the previews that had me all concerned that Fitz and Olivia were going to war. And they are, but he fully supports her! He is so confident in her abilities and believes in her so much that he’s got her back. She tells him that she has to come after the White House and that she’s not holding back with Jeannine. He encourages her “Go for the jugular.” Sigh. It’s beautiful. Top it off with a “Somewhere in another life we’d live in Vermont with 4 kids” speech and I’m just pleased as punch. He just wants to talk to her like a normal couple and tell her about his day and how he shot hoops with the Dali Lama. Totally normal! Ah Olitz.

oliviawineAnother Sunday dinner scene with Dad, this time at his house. He offers wine and she declines claiming that she doesn’t like it. (Wait! What? That’s like one of you signature things OP! You. Drink. Wine. All the time!) Pushy dad explains that she’s never had fine wine. He gives her a glass of some bourgie vintage red and a friendship is born. (Olivia + Wine 4 EVR). Olivia brings up her unfortunate mugging and her unconventional rescuer. Of course, she segues into B6-13 territory and how strange Huck’s story was. Her dad plays it real cool and attributes the story to insanity. (Liar!) Later, it turns out, he had Huck arrested and given a fake rap sheet so Olivia would drop the whole idea of B6-13.

rowanBack in present day, Surprise! It’s also Bring Your Dad to Work Day/ Dad Show Up Unannounced in the Same Room as One of Your Former Assassin Employees Day. Awkward.  They go into her glass surrounded office so all the Gladiators see are O and her dad having a pleasant conversation. Really, behind their forced grins are biting words. “ You want to see Jake? Make America believe the President  slept with Jeannine.” Conflict of interest much? Frightened for Jake’s safety, Olivia asks Huck what happens when you disobey a B6-13 order. His response is chilling and she demands that Fitz look into Jake. Is he alive? (Aside: Olivia has history with Jake. He’s adorable and it’s natural for her to be concerned about his wellbeing. BUT. Shouldn’t your boyfriend be the LAST person you go to for help regarding your ex-boyfriend?)

Flashback again and David Rosen’s facial hair is an abomination. It’s so weird. I don’t like it. This is the first time Olivia and David meet. She’s asking him to look into the arrest of her homeless friend Huck and he tells her the Huck never had a record… of any kind. Olivia realizes her dad lied to her. She hunts down the store front of ACME Limited, notes that it is located on Wonderland St (or Ave or Blvd, I can’t remember) and remembers the ACME logo from a pen her dad used earlier in the episode. The wheels are turning. She puts 2 and 2 together. When she interrogates him at the next dinner about what he does for a living, claws come out. “Let me tell you how you will act in my presence.” He is the THE MOST overbearing father but you know what she does? She. Walks. Out. Homegirl takes rebellious child to a whole new level.

At Olivia’s request. Fitz goes to Cyrus about B6-13 and getting Jake (alive or dead). Cyrus is adamant, B6-13 is NOT tied to the White House or ANY administration to ensure deniability. Fitz has no power over B6-13.

All the while, Olivia has been working on Jeannine’s case. Giving her a makeover, helping her take down the lousy “anonymous source” and the media is having a field day. IF OP wasn’t the President’s mistress and Jeannine wasn’t his mistress… is the First Lady just cray cray? One pundit calls out Mellie saying if it hadn’t been for her ousting her husband, she could have been a great political leader. This is the last straw. Mellie calls Jeannine out of bed (off Olivia’s couch) in the middle of the night and offers her $2 million (tax free) in exchange for admitting that she slept with Fitz.

Flashback, Olivia shows up at her father’s door with Edison… as her fiancé! But the poor guy is also a pawn in her game. She intentionally drops in her introduction how Edison is a senator with responsibilities covering what Poppa Pope does for a living. Gauntlet. Thrown. Her plan works. She gets Huck back but Daddy has threatened Edison’s life (for once he and I are the same page because I don’t like Edison either).

janinerevealJeannine is about to go live on the air. Gladiators think the IM messages will provide a much needed alibi but Jeannine had them destroyed. Olivia finds out that someone in the White House got to her and that Jeannine plans to lie about having the affair. Things get pretty tense when lo and behold! There’s an interruption! The POTUS is going to make a statement too….

presidentialballsFitz to Cyrus: There are two options here. Door number 1, I  admit that the White House fabricated this story about Jeannine and we both lose our jobs or; Door number 2, I confess about Jeannine and Jake Ballard gets released. You tell me which one because I’m about to make a statement and I need to know what I’m going to say. “How Presidential are my balls now Cy?” Boom.

He goes with Door #2. (Which makes me extremely upset but whatever.) VP Sally Langston knows what’s up. She’s suspicious.

Huck has also been doing some reminiscing and figures out that Olivia is the only reason B6-13 isn’t coming after him. She swore there was no deal and that she’d never lied to him. This betrayal unleashes Huck the Hulk and he attacks Olivia in the parking garage!! He’s got her by the neck and demands “Is your father command?!?!” … yes. huckattack

jakeisbackBack in her PJs with her glass of wine at home, Olivia gets a call from Poppa Pope. “answer the door”…: It’s Jake! He’s all beaten and bloody and gaunt and weak but it’s him! He’s back! I squeal. “Be there on Sunday,” her dad insists. Is that really what this is going to come down to?!? The fate of a nation…countless innocent lives … all teeter on the demands of a rejected father begging for time and attention from his daughter? I can’t quite buy that.

*What’s with Abby’s new Housewives of New Jersey look?

*Let’s be real. OP is not getting blown up in a hostage situation next week. Because then the greatest show in America would be over. And that is unacceptable.


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