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Nashville Recap 2×3: I Don’t Want To Talk About It


Well y’all, Liam is back, in full force. I don’t hate Liam. But let’s be honest, he’s no Deacon Claybourne.


Welp, Rayna can’t sing. Apparently, she has known this for a while and hasn’t told anyone (including the freakin viewers – how dare she). She has been going to vocal therapy, but she doesn’t know if it’s going to work.  She never finished that album with Liam – so she wants to finish it now, and she wants to own it because it might be the last record she ever makes. So, she comes up with a plan to break her contract with Edgehill, so that she can release on her own record label – Highway 65.

And, then she sleeps with Liam.  I mean, the guy didn’t really say or do anything – it didn’t take much for Rayna to jump in the sack with him.

There is a big party for the Edgehill stockholders, and Rayna agrees to perform.  When it is her turn to take the stage, she introduces her new label and Scarlett sings instead.  Yeah, go Rayna! Stick it to the man!


Thank goodness, Deacon is finally coming around.  He is finally seeking help for his arm and going back to meetings.  Coleman convinces Deacon that if he wants to deal with his being Maddie’s father, then he is going to have to deal with what his own father did to him.  Deacon shares at an AA meeting that his father was an abusive drunk.  One particularly memorable night, his father was beating his mother and sister and turned and looked at Deacon saying, “When you’re a man, you’re gonna be just like me.” Through the most heart-wrenching tears, Deacon realizes that he is like his father – a drunk who hurts the people he loves.  He is healing emotionally and even seeing a doctor about his hand because Deacon has to play guitar again! I am so glad that Deacon is slowly (very slowly) getting back to his old self.

Juliette (and Avery)

Oh, man. Just when you think that Juliette is learning her lesson, she disappoints you again.

Some super rich, young couple hires Juliette to play a private concert for their fifth anniversary party.  The couple is super cute and in love, and the husband even had a secret plan to surprise his wife and play guitar on her favorite Juliette Barnes song at the concert. Oh, and he’s British, so that’s always nice.

In the midst of preparing for the concert, the husband guy says something to Juliette about her boyfriend (referring to Avery), and Juliette says, “He’s not my boyfriend. He’s just on the payroll.” Well, of course Avery overhears this, and his fragile ego is busted. Now, we all know that Avery is not my favorite character on this show … but … somehow, I do think that he is good for Juliette. At the beginning of the show, Avery was a jerk to Scarlett and only worried about his music career.  But somehow, Avery learned his lesson and now seems to be a good guy.  And Juliette needs a good guy in her life, even if they are just friends. Avery gives a speech to Juliette about how she hurt his feelings saying that he is just another guy on the payroll and that she chooses to live her life like this – not letting anyone in or being close with anybody.

Later, Juliette is seen taking a peek at the happy anniversary couple, and I think, maybe she is coming around – maybe she is realizing that she wants a real relationship too.

Nope. The next think we see is a drunken Juliette wandering around the gigantic mansion because she can’t find her room. Well, super cute husband guy finds her and helps her to her room.  All of a sudden I get a sleezy vibe from him that hasn’t been present this whole episode.  Then, he kisses Juliette. Nooooo! I wanted him to be an actual good guy, a good example for Juliette.  She pushes him away, and for a second, I think that she is going to do the right thing.

Nope, she kisses him again and pulls him into her room.  And me and Connie Brittion are like


Oh, goodness, when is she going to learn?

Scarlett and Gunnar

These two just need to get back together. That’s all there is to it. The world is a happier place when Scarlett and Gunnar love each other and make sweet sweet music together. Never forget:

Scarlett and Will both get to perform at the Edgehill party, and Gunnar is really sad about it. Gunnar wants to be an artist too. Well now that Will is not a part of Highway 65 Records, can’t Gunnar join the label?  I mean, that is what’s going to happen right? Someone needs to call Callie Khouri and make sure that’s going to happen.  I feel like it needs to happen.

Scarlett and Gunnar need to get back together – musically and romantically.

Teddy and (Psycho) Peggy

Teddy and Rayna’s divorce was finalized.

Teddy realizes that he is man that doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities. So, he tells Peggy that he wants to be there for her and the baby. BUT … THERE IS NO BABY!!!! Like what the heck does Peggy think she is doing? What is her end game? Cuz I am telling you, it ain’t gonna work. In just a few weeks, Teddy is going to realize that she ain’t really preggo, and then what is she going to do? Then, Teddy will know for sure that she is crazy psycho.  I mean, you can’t pretend to be pregnant and pretend to be normal. I can’t wait to see how this is all going to go down. Maybe she’ll pretend it’s like a reverse episode of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant – but more like I Didn’t Know I Wasn’t Pregnant.


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