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Mindy Project Recap 2×4: Magic Morgan

Okay, first of all, did anyone else notice that Jess (New Girl) and Mindy’s Chinese Carry-Out menus are the same?

M menu NG menu


Mindy and Casey have just broken up, and Mindy (along with me and the rest of the world) is really depressed about it.  She isn’t dressing herself properly – instead of her cute, preppy colorful outfits; we get pajamas at work, beanies, and Fat Steps weight loss sneakers. She is seen crying on her bed, eating sour straws, surrounded by trash and empty wine bottles, and kissing a box of Cocoa Spheres (clearly a knock off brand of Cocoa Puffs). All the while, the saddest song ever from Les Mis is playing in the background. Oh, Mindy … we all miss Pastor Casey / DJ Sacrament too.

While Mindy is on her way to work, she trips over a package left on the stairs for an attorney in the building. She marches up to his office and declares that she is going to sue him for leaving his box of fish oils on the stoop.  How does she know that it’s a box of fish oils? Because she opened it. Apparently, Mindy does not know that opening other people’s mail is a felony and proclaims that she often opens interesting looking mail. The attorney tells her that this felony along with the fact that she obviously wasn’t looking where she was walking because she clearly didn’t look in the mirror when she got dressed that morning would probably not make for the best slip-and-fall lawsuit.


Back at Shulman and Associates, Jeremy reveals that he has purchased a new sign for the office reading, “Peerson, Castellano, Reed, & Prentice, OB/GYN.” Who is Peerson? Peerson is Casey’s last name and would have been Mindy’s last name.  Awww, sad. Mindy reveals to the gang that she and Casey broke up and will not be getting married.  She says that she is sad, and she is going to take her “heartache days” and go home. [This is brilliant – there should definitely be heartache days at work.] Jeremy tells her that “heartache days” don’t exist, and she has to stay at work.

In probably my favorite scene from this episode (mainly because Anders Holm is in it), Mindy’s “classic photobooth big four” photo strip starts talking.

Photo Casey: Don’t be sad girl. I miss you too.
[Me: I miss you more! Come back, Casey!]
Mindy: Casey! Hi! Hey, Casey! It’s Mindy! Hi! Are you okay!
Photo Casey: Yeah, I’m okay. I mean, I’m shrunken into, like, a miniature version of myself. Well … [feels pants] Not completely miniature.
Mindy: That is just hilarious.
Photo Casey: [in his super cute sweet tone] You been drinking a little bit?
Mindy: Yeah, I don’t want to feel this way anymore, Casey. I just want to fast-forward through all of missing you, and I want to be happy again.
Photo Mindy [coming to life]: Maybe going to the gym would help.
Mindy: Ok, photo me. Why don’t you back off, you stupid skank? Yeah, I went there.

Then, real-life Morgan bangs on the door announcing, “It’s Morgan. The white nurse from work.” Mindy responds in a silly accent, “Mindy’s not here right now,” and Morgan yells, “Don’t you Mrs. Doubtfire me!”

A drunken Mindy suddenly remembers (from an earlier convo) that Morgan’s last seven girlfriends have all gotten married post-Morgan à la Good Luck Chuck. Mindy says, “Morgan, use your magic on me,” and sneak attack kisses Morgan.  Morgan fights her off because he knows that she is drunk. When she tries to pounce him again, he somehow envelops her in a giant pizza box.

pizza1 pizza2 pizza3 pizza4

Mindy tells him that she is so sad (which she says a total of a million times in this episode), and he agrees to work his magic and have sex with Mindy. However, while Mindy is freshening up, she comes to her senses and realizes that she can’t have sex with Morgan.

The next day at the office, Morgan reveals that he is suing Mindy for sexual harassment.  Lawyer Cliff (yep, the one from the building that takes fish oil pills) says that Mindy must pay $200,000 to settle the case. Morgan interjects and says that there is one other option – Mindy must take him out on a nice date.

Danny, Jeremy, and Peter arrive at Mindy’s apartment to help her get ready for the date with Morgan. Danny picks out a shirt for her to wear, but it turns out that it’s Casey’s shirt.  Mindy understandably burst into tears, but Peter promptly wipes her tears with a pink g-string because why not? As the guys leave, Danny takes Casey’s shirt out of the closet so Mindy won’t have to see it anymore because he loves her, duh.

Mindy and Morgan’s date is not going well at all, but Morgan has a suggestion. He takes Mindy to his favorite place – a quarry. Mindy admits that it is actually kind of cool, and they take turns yelling their feelings out because only the rocks can hear them. Morgan yells about his back fat, and Mindy yells that she misses Casey – don’t we all. Then, she throws the “classic photobooth big four” photo strip into the quarry officially saying goodbye to Casey. She admits to Morgan that the date actually turned out to be nice and kisses him on the cheek. So Morgan asks, “Did you bring protection?” Morgan is too much for me to handle.

The next day, Mindy is back to normal self and normal wardrobe – a cute professional dress.  When, she runs into Lawyer Cliff in the elevator he compliments her, and Morgan says, “Magic Morgan. Works every time.”

Favorite quotes

Jeremy: [After Fratty Doctor Prentice spits all over Danny while doing the cinnamon challenge] “Danny, you smell delicious. Like a cup of cider I can’t wait to sip.” [then, later] “Get out of my office. You smell like a candle shop during the holidays.”

Danny: [about Fratty Doctor Prentice] “He wears cargo short, I wear slacks. He surfs, I fear the ocean out of respect.”

Morgan: [to Mindy while she is trying to sleep with him] “Do we have a chemical attraction? Yes, of course. Do I occasionally think about you in your yoga pants? Constantly.”

Morgan: “I’ve been dumped 36 times in my life. I was left at the altar three times. Two different women faked their own deaths to get away from me.”


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