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Nashville Recap 2×2: Never No More

After last week’s series of flashbacks I was extremely hopeful about the the potential progress of Rayna and Deacon. I figured they were due some present day camera time. Well, I’m just going to go ahead and be real with you… I was wrong. It doesn’t happen.

conanJuliette, in an attempt to promote her less than stellar new album,  makes an appearance on Conan O’Brien. During this whole scene I couldn’t help but wonder if the ginger comedian is truly a Nashville fan and begged to have a cameo or if ABC was paying him big bucks to help suck us, the gullible viewers, into the tv world even further.

maddiemadRayna comes home and seems to be making a full recovery after her near death experience and coma. In real life, this wouldn’t happen, but she’s Rayna James aaaannnnddd… this is TV y’all. Unfortunately, her daughter Maddie hasn’t forgotten about the shocking paternal revelation prior to the crash. Things are awkwardly tense during Rayna’s homecoming. Your mother almost died!!! In the grand scheme of things, I think those balance out sweetheart. Be nice to your mama. Forgive her and move on.

While at home, Teddy and Rayna seem to be back on excellent terms. If Rayna and Teddy get back together, I. AM. GOING. TO. BE. LIVID.Fortunately, Rayna and I are on the same page and she makes it abundantly clear to him that she is not interested in playing house. They are still going through with the divorce (which apparently has not been signed yet?!?!?) and Teddy is moving out.

jeffedgehillThere’s a new head honcho at Edge Hill records… Marshall is out, Jeff Fordham is in. And as a result, everyone including the Queen and Princess of Country have to kiss butt to get on his good side. Unfortunately, Juliette is not his fave and the look of shock on her face is priceless. Her low performing album sales propel her into action, heading home to Enterprise, Alabama (shout out to Melanie, my freshman roommate who hails from said town) to film a documentary… tugging on the heartstrings of country music fans and giving new BFF Avery a glimpse into the soul of the real Juliette Barnes. I can almost guarantee that this is one of those relationships where he’s going to make her a better person and they’re going to get together. juliettehome(By the way, whoever decided she should wear two French braids a la Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is seriously deranged. Not her best look. Not at all.)

angryscarlettMeanwhile, Deacon is being a big, fat meany. Sweet Scarlett is doing her best to take care of him but he’s adopted this strange tactic of self-sabotage. He doesn’t want himself to be happy, he doesn’t want to be able to play guitar, he doesn’t want the benefits of rehab. Fortunately, Scarlett has a spine and tells him off in one of her best non-musical performances yet. “Shut Up! We’re going to the doctor” and later “You’ve done everything you can to not be like your drunk of a father but you’re just like him! And you’re stone cold sober.” Oooohhh burn.

angryraynaWhile babysitting her unruly uncle, Scarlett is also hoping her spot is still secure with Rayna’s branch of  Edgehill records, Highway 65. Fortunately, Jeff is a huge Rayna fan and sees Will and Scarlett as the future of country music. Whew. Sigh of relief…. JK! Jeff is a businessman and a jerk. He approaches Will and tries to convince him to abandon Rayna’s label. Well, sir, that will earn you a spot on Rayna’s list of enemies- a place where you really don’t wanna be. Because this mama can deliver some stank eyes and cutting remarks. I love it when Rayna tells people off. That first clip from season one that they played over and over pretty much convinced me to watch. Now, she tells Jeff to take his well wishes and shove it where the sun don’t shine. “Is this really how you want to start with me?….Keep it [good luck]. I make my own luck.”

gunnerandbffGunner is making some interesting connections with Scarlett’s best friend. I am not okay with them getting close. Just sayin. She helps him break out of his writers’ block and he gives an amazing performance reflecting on the loss of his brother. Obviously, Gunner is a better artist and HE should be on Rayna’s label… not Will (whose former lover is Edgehill records’ new PR/Marketing guy. Awkward.)

laelaGunner isn’ t the only one with record label signing potential. Laela Grant is the new girl on the block and Juliette’s new mortal enemy. Jeff has Laela make her debut as the runner up on a country music reality show and new signee for Edgehill at some fancy, schmancy gala event. It looks like Juliette and Rayna have a common enemy in Jeff Fordham. I smell an alliance.

saddeaconYou know who doesn’t have an alliance?!? Rayna and Deacon, that’s who. They were happy, I was happy, America was happy for the span of 2 seconds. Now, it seems Rayna wants to sever all ties. Deacon needs her, he can’t not be with her but she’s as cool as a cucumber without him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for an independent woman. Rayna doesn’t need her husband OR her lover. But the wounded puppy look on Deacon’s face is just too much. Deacon and Rayna are magnetic, MFEO! But she thinks they’re better apart… and he agrees! Reluctantly albeit, but he agrees none the less. She gives him his ring back and he takes a saw to his cast. Rejection is motivation I guess. Find solace in your craft sweet deacon. Let the music soothe you.

-When will Maddie and Daphne play again?

-Are we going to ignore the fact that Peggy Kinter is a crazy liar?

-How annoying is this new artist going to be?

-Is Scarlett’s friend going to stick around for awhile? More importantly, is she going to make a Scarlett/Gunner reunion difficult?


raynaears *Does anyone else think that Connie Britton, as beautiful as she is, should never wear her hair in a high enough ponytail to accentuate her ears?

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