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The Mindy Project Recap 2×3: Music Festival

In an effort to garner everyone’s pity, I want you all to know that I had to watch this episode live… as in no DVR… as in I was forced to sit through all the commercials… as in I couldn’t rewind and laugh at all the quippy things Mindy said under her breath. Go ahead. Give into temptation and pity me. It’s okay. #firstworldprobs


anders-holm-1My doldrums were assuaged however by the return of Pastor Casey!!! And in a big way. I would say his delightfully awkward face graced my television screen for at least 79% of the episode. It was like coming back to school on the first day of fall to see last year’s crush slow motion saunter down the hallway, except Pastor Casey was decked out in his minister garb and holding a microphone as he addressed his congregation. [Note:  The Welcome Back sign said “and female friend” in parentheses. It’s the little things people. Some lowly production assistant probably toiled into the early morning hours on that barely noticeable element of set design. I see you lowly assistant. I see you and I commend you. ] Well, it turns out that Pastor Casey has been called away from the ministry by God and is going to pursue DJing as a career. Say what?!?!? That’s what Mindy thought too as she heard the news for the first time from the middle of the pew, 5 rows back. [Second note: Her hair is growing back! Okay, we know it’s just a wig, but this is promising. Unfortunately, this medium length wig looks even worse than the short hair wig.]

It’s 6 weeks later (we know this because of the convenient caption) and Casey is in full-fledged DJ mode, sitting at Mindy’s apartment all day, mixing sweet beats, eating grilled cheese and nearly burning down her apartment. All is forgiven though because this guy is just too frickin adorable. He’s the perfect combination of cute and funny… and if there’s one thing that can slay me, it’s hilarity (besides a natural way with children.  That gets me too).

Apparently, even though Mindy is back they’re still looking to hire another doctor to replace the other Dr. L. Mindy suggests Casey because of his background with pastoring and his excellent “bedside manner.” Naturally it’s a double entendre and she follows that with a “hubbah hubbah.” I would like to start including that in my daily vernacular. I just feel like it’s very apropos for many a situation. I.e. My waiter at dinner last night… hubbah hubbah. Yeah, I’m not creepy at all. I digress.

lumberjackThe doctors at Schulman and Associates are surprised by a walk-in applicant for the position. I’m going to call him many variations of Douche Lumberjack Frat Doctor. Much to my chagrin he still has this manly attractiveness that is usually complimented by a man with lovely eyes, plaid button downs and the ability to grow a beard. Apparently his name is Peter and he was released from his last practice for inappropriate sexual relations with a Christmas tree at a work holiday party. Mindy needed clarification on the exact terms of intercourse and inquired “to completion?!?!?” LOL Needless to say, they were all in accordance that Douche Doctor should not be hired. Ah well. So long lumberjack.

music festival

Mindy and Casey have a heart to heart about his developing career. He’s gotten a gig at a music festival in upstate New York! Progress! All the while, his male genitalia keep escaping his shorts. It turns out he has some pretty mad skills… “hands free.” Obviously, Casey’s rapid career change has created some instability in his and Mindy’s relationship. I really think they’re trying to make Casey’s character as annoying and unlikeable as possible so as to soften the blow when he leaves the show. It won’t work. I still love him.

It’s another Schulman and associates field trip as Casey, Mindy, Morgan, Danny (who’s a huge fan of the National), Betsy, and that old lady nurse take the subway to the concert. In classic Woodstock fashion, the music festival is peppered with modern day hippies aka hipsters and the like. Morgan is offered special brownies. Smart guy that he is, he refuses but instead takes the girl up on her marijuana cupcakes which obviously have marijuana in them because they’re labeled for crying out loud! He gets completely stoned and does a stupid “cannonball into the ground” stunt causing him to be rushed to the concert clinic. (I’ve never been to one of these types of things.


Do those really exist? Tents used for the express purpose of treating the idiot druggies and their drug induced accidents?) Well naturally, Mindy and Danny go into full-fledged doctor mode and take over said clinic.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is back at the practice faced with the dilemma of delivering 2 different babies, patients of Mindy and Danny. He’s stressed out and frantically searching for the assistance of another doctor. Well lo and behold who should he run into? Yep, Douche Doctor Frat Daddy Peter. The guy is a baller. He swoops in, saves the day, delivers a baby, calms down a nervous Dad-to-be and in turn, scores a position with Schulman and Associates. Redemption.

We’ll see how long he sticks around.

There’s some drama as we witness the emotional toll Casey’s life decisions and new lifestyle are taking on Mindy. Still, she soldiers on and does her best to support him. Encouraged by Danny to “not be a dick” she leaves the concert clinic to support Casey whose stage name is DJ Sacrament by the way.



She crowd surfs (was that a stunt double?) at his concert and eventually finds herself enjoying it! Alas, Mr. Indecisive decides DJing is not
his calling after all… event planning is! WTF?


Since Danny is stuck dealing with the concert patients and misses the National show, Morgan returns the favor by tricking the National (guest star appearance) to do a private show for Danny. His ruse was a gay engagement though and he proposes to Danny. Danny says yes and it is randomly hilarious.

Later, Casey pitches to Mindy the idea of moving to Austin, TX for a 2 year event planning degree program. [Even less relevant note: Shout out to AUSTIN! NYE 2014 #boom] Needless to say, Casey is actually stressing me out at this point. Personally, I’m a stability girl and these impromptu life decisions are just too much. But not so much that I don’t think they can work it out. As I’m contemplating this, completely out of left field someone says those fated words, “Are we breaking up?” (I don’t know who said it because I might have temporarily blacked out from the shock). She gives him the ring back so apparently they are breaking up! She cries as he walks out of the door and packs up his things.

What is happening? It’s all going too fast! At this point I’m pleading with my television screen and really missing my DVR. I mean let’s be real people, I watch comedies to escape this type of heavy stuff. If I wanted to watch a girl cry because she’s single, I’d watch home videos of myself at age 15.  This coupled with the drama of New Girl a half hour earlier has me in a very emotional state. I think It’s safe to say that I am not pleased. You’re on my list Mindy Kaling and fellow writers of this show. You’re all on my list.


One thought on “The Mindy Project Recap 2×3: Music Festival

  1. Adam Pally (aka Lumberjack Douche Frat Daddy Doctor Peter) was added on as a series regular, not just a guest star, so we can assume that he will be sticking around.

    I was yelling at the tv screen when Pastor Casey left 😦 NOOOOOOOOO!

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