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Nashville 2×1: I Fall to Pieces


Okay, y’all.  I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed in this season premiere.  Rayna James (Connie Britton) is probably the best thing about Nashville, and she was just lying there in a coma for the whole episode.  Really she is only on-screen and awake for like a total of 90 seconds in the entire episode.

Good things that happened:
(2) Scarlett and Gunnar sang together again.  HOORAY! In preparation for the season 2 premiere, I had been listening to “If I Didn’t Know Better” from the pilot episode.  That song and performance by Scarlett and Gunnar was phenomenal, and I am not sure if it will ever be topped.  I am really glad that the two of them performed together again though.
(3) Rayna finally woke up from her coma.

Bad things that happened:
(1) Avery is still here.
(2) Deacon feels really guilty and is being mean and angry to everyone – even to sweet little Scarlett who is usually the one that can bring him out of his bad places.

Anyways, on to the recap:
We open to Deacon pulling Rayna out of the mangled car post-crash.  She is not looking good and he keeps calling her Baby, and I just want them to love each other forever.

nashvilleflashbackFlashback #1: Deacon takes Rayna to her dream house that he bought for her after a stint in rehab.  They are young and really in love.  He thanks her for “loving him more than he deserves.”  They are beautiful together (when Deacon is sober).

Back to present time (2 weeks after crash): Rayna is in a coma, and Deacon is in jail?!? Wait … what? Why the heck is Deacon in jail? And as super cute as Deacon is, that orange jump suit is doing nothing for him. Deacon is being charged with drunk driving or reckless driving or something, and he is refusing the help of a lawyer because he thinks that it is his fault that Rayna was injured. [At this point, I am so confused. Does Deacon not remember anything and really think that he was driving? Do the showrunners think that we are dumb and have forgotten that Rayna was actually driving and want us to just believe that he was driving? Is Deacon just punishing himself because he feels guilty?]

Juliette is still struggling with the loss of her mother.  She also has some really inappropriate selfish emotions regarding Rayna’s injury.  Since Rayna’s accident, her “Best Of Rayna James” album has raced to the top of the charts.  Juliette’s new album is supposed to drop the next day, and she is worried that it will not get the publicity she wants – “It’s hard enough to break out of this tween demo. And now I have to compete with a saint in a coma.” Tsk tsk, Juliette – that is really immature of you.  As a publicity stunt, she acts like she cares about Rayna and sings a tribute song to her at her concert.  Then, she invites all her fans to go to the hospital to show their support for Rayna.  But, when Juliette gets there, Maddie greets her.  We actually get to see some humanity in Juliette when she talks to Maddie, telling her that none of this is her fault and letting her know that she can talked to her whenever she needs to.  Okay, Juliette may have a heart, but just a small one.

Flashback #2: Deacon tells Rayna that he knows she has been seeing Teddy Conrad, but he doesn’t want her to anymore.  He says he loves her and proposes.  Rayna says yes, and they make love.  I am assuming that this is conception-of-Maddie-night.

Scarlett apparently said no to Gunnar’s proposal (season 1 finale) and moved out of their place. She is acting a little flirty with Avery (gross) but is obviously still harboring feelings for Gunnar because who wouldn’t? Gunnar is really sad that he messed things up with Scarlett, so he and Closeted Gay Cowboy whose name I can never remember (it’s Will in case you were wondering) decide to throw a party.  The party is lame. Gunnar burns Scarlett’s couch in a stupid failed attempt to get over her.  He goes to find her at her “I Got a Record Deal so I’m Quitting the Bluebird Party.”  They perform together. It’s wonderful.  I have high hopes for the two of them.

Flashback #3: Morning after proposal, Rayna finds a passed-out-drunk Deacon on the couch.  She is disappointed that he has been drinking again.  She asks him if he was drunk last night when he asked her.  Deacon says, “Asked you what?” Rayna throws the ring at him and runs out. Ugh. Get yourself together, Deacon – I’m rooting for you (even though this is a flashback and happened ten years ago).

Scarlett asks Juliette to loan her the money for Deacon’s bail. Fresh off the suicide of her addict mother, Juliette gives a speech about how Deacon is an addict and cannot be helped. Scarlett still has faith in Deacon and goes to see him in jail.  Deacon is not very nice to her and pretty much tells her to give up on him because he is a drunk.  Scarlett tells him, “You are so much more than that. You are so talented. You are so wonderful. You’ve been like a father to me.” Deacon explodes at her and yells, “I am not your father. I am no one’s damn father!” I just want to give Deacon a big hug.  He is being so mean, but he is hurting so much.  He feels like a failure for not being able to stay sober and now he has physically hurt the one person he really cares about.  Oh, Deacon…

Flashback #4: Rayna and Tandy find Deacon (who has just bailed on rehab, again) drinking at his house.  Rayna says that she has to tell him that she is pregnant, but Tandy convinces her not to. Rayna needs to let him go. Deacon is bad for her and for the baby.  So all of this is Tandy’s fault, right?

Finally, Rayna wakes up from her coma.  She seems to be okay; she recognizes her family.  Deacon’s lawyer comes in to tell him that he is being released because Ryana is awake and has confirmed that he was not driving the car.  Deacon smiles because he is so relieved that she is okay.  Maybe next episode, he will go back to being his lovable self.  It has been stressing me out to see drunk, mean, angry, out of control Deacon.  I need to see caring, handsome, sensitive Deacon who loves Rayna with all of his heart.  Yep, I need him back.

But … mean ol’ Lamar is ruining everything once again.  He tells Rayna, “He never was any good for you, you know? Deacon … it’s always best to just leave the past behind.”  To which Rayna replies, “I’m not gonna look behind me anymore.  I’m just gonna live my life.”  NOOOOOOO! But you need Deacon to live your life! You need him! He loves you! This is not looking good for the two of them.  I just need them to remember how much they love each other and that just two episodes ago, this was happening:


As for Teddy and Peggy … Teddy tells Peggy that he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby and that he can only offer her financial support.  Peggy goes to the doctor alone and finds out that she miscarried the baby.  For some conniving reason, she lies to Teddy and tells him that she got to hear the heart beat at the doctor’s appointment.  I guess she is hoping to get him back??

Also, I must say that I am super impressed with the acting of the Stella sisters, especially Lennon (who plays Maddie).  Maddie is dealing with a whole lot right now: finding out her dad is not her biological father, finding out her “Uncle Deacon” is really her father, and now her mother has been in a coma for two weeks.  She plays the part beautifully and full of emotion.

I just felt like there were so many amazing dramatic scene possibilities that we missed.  Like Rayna waking up and not knowing where Deacon is and freaking out because she thinks he’s dead. Or Deacon coming to see Rayna in the hospital – and that could go either way: (1) They love each other, or (2) she is pissed, yells at him, and he leaves really upset/guilty.  Maybe that scene will happen next week.


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