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Mindy Project Recap 2×2: The Other Dr. L


Let’s be real, my favorite part of this episode was the first three minutes of the cold-opening.  I just love Pastor Casey! I just think that he and Mindy are hilarious together and they play off each other so well. So, at the very beginning, Mindy and Casey are once again attempting to have … we’ll call it … “skype relations” (à la season 1 finale hilariousness).  Mindy tries to make a whip cream bikini, but instead creates a whip cream modest one-piece bathing suit – she doesn’t want to be too skanky just in case the NSA is watching or the footage ended up on WikiLieaks.  Then, somehow Mindy gets a “UTI from discounted whip cream”  and begins to fall to the floor in pain. Sweet Casey tries to help her by telling her to go wash it off in the shower, but be sure to take her laptop and rinse it off really sexily.  Hilarious.  Really, you just have to watch it:

Back at Schulman and Associates, Mindy returns to work to discover that Dr. Paul Leotard (James Franco) has stolen her nickname – Dr. L – and her office. She gets moved to a nasty storage closet with hot water pipes that Morgan uses to dry his speedos.

Meanwhile, Danny is acting weird and running off several times a week to do strange errands – “I’m just going to make a total run-of-the-mill trip to the post office, and i don’t want to be questioned about it … So I’m not gonna be reachable by phone or text.” Jeremy decides to follow him, and he finds Danny playing basketball with a bunch of divorcés.  They even have a silly little chant that they do – “Just because we don’t have wives doesn’t mean we don’t have lives. Single and cool! Single and cool! Single and cool!” Even (the real) Kris Humphries is there … get it … because he divorced Kim Kardashian. Hahaha.

Later, everyone from the office is out at a bar, and Morgan reveals to Mindy that Dr. Leotard is a lightweight and can’t hold his liquor.   So Mindy decides to challenge him to a “shots-off” which apparently means that you just keep taking shots until one person physically can’t take anymore shots or gives up, I guess.  If Mindy wins, then she gets her office and nickname back. They both take a ton of shots, and Dr. Leotard is getting really wasted, and Mindy is perfectly fine.

Leotard: How are you doing this?
Lahiri: I ate an entire loaf of bread before I came here tonight.
Leotard: Oh, so you knew you were going to do this?
Lahiri: No, I just do that every night, dog.

So Mindy wins and ends up having to take Dr. Leotard home. But, she can’t find his keys to his apartment, so she leaves him passed out in the hallway.  Dr. Leotard is currently living in Danny & Christina’s old apartment, and Christina comes by the apartment to drop some of Danny’s stuff off (“mostly leather jackets and John Grisham novels”) and finds Dr. Leotard in the hallway.  She helps him inside and ….

Mindy finds out the next day that Christina and Dr. Leotard slept together. He says that he was drunk from the shots-off and it just happened, to which Mindy replies:



Dr. Leotard convinces Mindy to not tell Danny because Danny will be mad at her since she is an “accessory to sex” because her shots-off idea is the reason that Dr. Leotard was drunk in the first place.  But, things get awkward in the office and Dr. Leotard feels guilty when Danny starts trying to be buddies with Dr. Leotard and give him a special hangover cure because “he’s a member of the family now.” Dr. Leotard impulsively quits the practice and makes up an excuse that he joined the Army and can’t work there anymore.  He and Mindy start to leave, and Danny asks what is going on with them.  Mindy says, “I am walking him to the Army,” as if that’s a destination that you can walk to.  Danny assumes that Mindy and Dr. Leotard slept together and gets angry/disappointed in Mindy because she is engaged to Pastor Casey.  He comes very close to calling her a bad name, when Dr. Leotard stops him and confesses that he slept with Christina and not Mindy.  So Danny punches him in the face. When Jeremy won’t fire Dr. Leotard, Danny decides to quit.  He runs away to the basketball court proclaiming, “I know where my real friends are.”

Mindy goes to the basketball court to convince Danny to come back to work. Kris Humphries gives a speech about how Danny needs to move on so he doesn’t end up like him – “staying up on Saturday nights watching trashy reality television shows” (i.e. Keeping Up With the Kardashians).  Then, Mindy tries to awkwardly get in on their bro-hug.

hug1 hug2

Danny comes back to work. Dr. Leotard leaves a recorded resignation message “I can’t allow Danny to quit on behalf on my sexual indiscretion … And remember that I am a sex therapist, so the sex was great.” And everything is back to normal.


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