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TV is Back, Y’all!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas – it’s the time when all of our favorite fictional characters come out of their summer hiatus hibernation and reenter our lives that are oh so very boring without them.  It’s time to stop re-watching every episode of Scandal 4 times (come on, I can’t be the only one who did that this summer), and time to set your DVRs!  HOORAY!  Life is grand again.

Here is a calendar with all of the premiere dates of the shows that I will be watching:

Calendar Pic

And here is a weekly schedule of all of the shows that I will be watching this fall, their time slots, and their networks:


Returning shows that I will be watching:
Revenge – Sunday 8:00 ABC
Homeland – Sunday 8:00 Showtime
Walking Dead – Sunday 8:00 AMC
New Girl – Tuesday 8:00 FOX
The Mindy Project – Tuesday 8:00 FOX
Modern Family – Wednesday 8:00 ABC
Nashville – Wednesday 8:00 ABC
Grey’s Anatomy – Thursday 8:00 ABC
Scandal – Thursday 9:00 ABC
Parenthood – Thursday 9:00 ABC

New Shows I Will Watch (and why I will be watching):
Betrayal – Sunday 9:00 ABC (looks intense and really dramatic)
MOM – Monday 8:00 CBS (Allison Janney is in it!  [C.J. from West Wing]
Hostages – Monday 9:00 CBS (Dylan McDermott wants the POTUS to die, why??)
Trophy Wife – Tuesday 8:30 ABC (Josh Lyman, I mean Bradley Whitford is in it – another West Wing alum)

There are a lot of other mid-season replacement shows that look good too, so we will have to wait and see on those. I mean, Scandal was once a mid-season replacement, so we have to give them a shot.

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