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Mindy Project Recap 2×1: All My Problems Solved Forever


So I’m not even going to lie. I watched this episode a week ago. I mean, let’s be real. When the TV gods (aka producers at FOX) decide to give you an online sneak peek of the newest episode, what crazy person with an inhuman amount of self-control resists?… Not I*. However, for those of you with better things to do, family, friends and an outrageous social life; we’ve waited until the broadcast airing.

It was even better the second time.

We open with a voice over from Mindy Lahiri and clips of her and haitilivesCasey’s perfect life together in Haiti. For some reason, over however many months, her ridiculous paigeboy haircut has still not grown out. But, she is adjusting beautifully to life without TV (new fave show “Real Houseflies of Port au Prince”) as she and Casey change the 3rd world together. Has the materialistically selfish Dr. Mindy Lahiri really changed?!?!?


Well, who the F cares because Casey decides to propose… AGAIN! Needless to say I’m ecstatic because what guy goes through that threat of rejection twice in the span of two episodes? Pastor Casey- that’s who. #teamcasey “I see a lady tonight who should be having my baby” (gah Casey! your inappropriate humor and obtuse insults, cloaked in good intentions, slay me)

Even though I am #teamcasey, I am also #teamdanny (don’t judge my indecisiveness). All this time Danny and Mindy have been “using an ancient form of email called mail.” They’ve been WRITING EACH OTHER!!! If The Notebook and past seasons of the Bachelor/ette (and a lesser known show Sweet Home Alabama on CMT) have taught us anything, it’s that true love blossoms through the long distance written word. Sometimes my mother regales me of the early letters my dad wrote her while they dated- sometimes I want to vomit thinking about my parents’ mushy gushy love notes… but then I think it’s cute anyway. I digress. letters

Of course Mindy says yes and while they try to “celebrate,” Mindy becomes debilitated from what we find out is her gall bladder. She passes out with her last glimpse being Casey’s concerned face overhead…and I worry that this might have all been a dream. She wakes up  instead to Morgan. Yeah, I would scream too. In their hilarious repartee, Morgan insists that since she didn’t bring him a souvenir from Haiti, he should buy something online and she can reimburse him later. Hilarious.

Jeremy comes in to visit the infirm Mindy but appears to have gained some stress weight. (I don’t really care about this story line)

Tamra (the ghetto medical assistant) can’t remember Mindy’s name and I don’t know why, but that whole conversation had me in stitches.

T: “They all went to see that Indian doctor who used to work here. I think her name was Glob.”

Danny: “You mean Mindy?”

T: “No. I’m pretty sure it was Glob.”

Danny rushes to Mindy’s bedside, in fear for her life (He so loves the mess out of her.) Alas, Mindy just underwent routine gallbladder surgery, “lost 3 pounds in water weight from diarrhea!”  and oh yeah… is engaged!! Danny’s forced smile breaks my heart because, like I said a million times over already, he loves the mess out of her. (Morgan’s sorority girl reaction was the exact same reaction I had btw.)

jamesfrancoMeanwhile, the practice has “temporarily” replaced Mindy with James Franco’s character, Dr. Leotard. I’m not a huge Franco fan, not that Franco at least.


I much prefer his younger brother, but whatever. The real world and Mindyworld are infatuated with him so I’ll play along. He’s a pompous ob-gyn and sex therapist who’s actually helping Danny and Christina through their bedroom issues. Awkward. However, please note that Dr. Leotard’s Grammy winning sex therapy CD was entitled “Come With Me.” So clever.

dancing girls

In the end, Christina stumbles upon Danny’s “special” stimulating websites featuring naked women and she breaks up with him…and breaks his computer (not the cool pull apart kind from those commercials featuring hip hop dancing school girls either. A real laptop).

Post-operation, Mindy and Casey discuss wedding plans. Dilemma: His “racist white family from Pasadena” and her traditional Indian family will create one tense, expensive wedding. Solution: a simple, in-home wedding that week before they go back to Haiti. Ok.

don'twanttomarryyouWait! What!??!?! Yeah, I was trucking right along with it too and then realized how unrealistic it was. Mindy Lahiri does NOT do simple. It takes Casey awhile to realize this. After peeing on her wedding dress. (“I’m sorry it sprays harder when I’m scared! I can’t stop. I’ll die.”) and relegating her wedding attire to aqua scrubs (Danny’s recommendation- don’t you love when the guy she’s really supposed to be with ships the other guy??!? irony people. irony), Casey declares that he doesn’t want to marry her….

Right now! Just not right now. He’ll go back to Haiti. She’ll stay in the states and make tons of doctor money and resort back to her lovably, relate-able,  materialistic ways.

Cliffhanger: Is this the end of Masey? (Mindy and Casey, duh) [Mindy Kaling has yet to respond to my tweet begging her to edit the plot and keep Casey around for a little while longer… holding out hope.]

Who’s staying at the practice? Dr. L or Dr. L? lvsl

*Please note that my fellow blog contributor (looking at you Hanse) accosted me via 14 different forms of social media to let me know this was happening, that I should quit everything I was doing and watch the preview.

**Side note: Since all of my friends are getting married, I’m pretty familiar with the realistic marriage process. Why on TV and in the movies do they never think about the legalities- you know, going to sign the marriage license and what not? It’s all about the the pomp and circumstance, the last minute wedding ceremony. Is there some online marriage license, name change, document update thing I don’t know about yet?


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