Random Posts

Back By Popular Demand….

Okay not really THAT popular. Only 3 people have made verbal requests.  But hey! We aim to please.

We apologize for our neglect. Time got away from us, Pretty Little Liars got crazy and we were overwhelmed with the maze of plot twists. It all pretty much fried our brains. We know! We know! Excuses, excuses. But we’ll do better, we promise.


Besides! Now is not the time to point fingers and issue blame. It’s a time for celebration! For revelry! For dancing in the streets because… drum roll please… Fall TV is BAAACCCCKK! tumblr_mb51otWRnq1rxuzpho1_250

We’re really excited to have more entertaining things to talk about with our co-workers and things to look forward to during the work week. Let’s be real, TV is not our sole reason for living… but it comes pretty darn close.


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