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Reasons Why You Should Binge Watch Mindy Project before Season 2


My best friend and fellow television fanatic blogger, Bethany, recommended that I watch The Mindy Project a long time ago.  I was reluctant because I was not a huge fan of The Office and that was the only thing that I knew Mindy Kailing from.  Since obsessing over The Mindy Project and also reading Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), I realized that Mindy Kailing (and especially Mindy Lahiri, her character from The Mindy Project) and I would be best friends.  The show had me uncontrollably laughing out loud in my office kitchen on my lunch break and rolling on the floor laughing at my house.  Really, I had to be careful where I watched the show (couldn’t watch it in McAllister’s) for fear that people would think I was weird if I was sitting in the corner of the restaurant laughing at my iPad.  The 2nd season starts on September 17th on FOX, which means you still have 12 days to watch the first season.  Here are some reasons why you should binge watch The Mindy Project:

1. Mindy is you.  You are Mindy.  And Mindy is me.  I am Mindy.


Really though, I see so much of myself in Mindy, except that her one-liners are way funnier than me. She is so relatable.  She is a typical young adult female.  In the pilot episode, something happens to make Mindy realize that she is a mess and needs to get herself together.  Mindy obsesses over men and dating.  Mindy obsesses over celebrities, pop culture, and romantic comedies.  She makes the same mistakes that real women make when it comes to dating and judging the character of different men.  She also exposes the realities of often over-romanticized aspects of dating relationships (i.e. showering with the opposite sex).

2. Danny Castellano


I mean, just look at that face.  Chris Messina is great as Mindy’s fellow OBGYN Dr. Danny Castellano.  Chris Messina (Damages, Newsroom, Argo) is not really known for doing comedic movies/tv, but he is hilarious as Danny.  At first, Danny doesn’t seem to like Mindy; he is annoyed by her typical girly girl demeanor and attitude.  But their friendship flourishes, and their relationship provides for some really funny moments.

3. All of the fun guest stars

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers

Josh Meyers (Seth's real-life brother)

Josh Meyers (Seth’s real-life brother)

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

Ed Helms

Ed Helms


Tommy Dewey

Everyone's favorite - Anders Holm as Pastor Casey

Everyone’s favorite – Anders Holm as Pastor Casey

4. All of the fun staff at Shulman and Associates

Morgan – the former car thief felon turned OBGYN nurse — “This is strike two for me. I could go to jail if I so much as kill someone.”

Betsy – the soft-spoken, kind-hearted,  good-girl receptionist — “Dr. Castellano, you look so handsome like a youth minister!”

Jeremy – the hilarious British doctor — (After running into hanging wind chimes on a porch) “Why America!?”

Beverly – the quirky older office staff member with a really shady past — “Is it offensive to say that I only trust an older white man to give me the news?”

Tamara – the annoying singing replacement nurse

The DesLaurier’s – the hippy midwife brothers who share an office building with our favorite doctors

All of The Mindy Project episodes are available on Hulu Plus, so you should get on that right now.


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