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PLL 3×24 – A dAngerous gAme

TOBY IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  toby

Really – this is the best thing to happen in a tv show in a long time.  ABC Family and Keegan Allen (via twitter) went through a lot of trouble trying to convince me that Toby was dead.  I didn’t want to believe it, but it had been a few episodes, so I was starting to give up hope.  But his beautiful face came back looking better than ever.  He is alive, and he was only helping Mona to protect Spencer – just like we always hoped.  Toby and Spencer still love each other, they get it on in a skanky motel room, and all is right in the world.

Hanna babysits Malcolm and does some detective work to find out that Spencer is the one that “kidnapped” Malcolm at the carnival.  Mona promised her that if she worked on the “A” Team, then Toby would be her reward.  The girls trick Spencer into following “Red Coat” (aka Hanna in disguise) around school at a swim meet, in order to find out if she knows who “Red Coat” is.  Spencer confesses everything to the girls, and they all decide that they are still on the same team and all need to work together.

Meanwhile, while out on an evening jog, Emily sees Melissa Hastings, Shauna (sketch swimmer lesbian girl), and Jenna all meeting at Toby/Jenna’s parents house. Well that’s sketch.  And what does it have to do with anything?

Spencer told the girls that her parents are planning a “Welcome Back, Spencer” party, when really it was a trick to get all of the girls together and turn them over to “Red Coat” so she could have Toby back.  Aria, Hanna, and Emily have a better plan – sneak in the “party” without anyone else knowing that they are there, so that they can find out who “Red Coat” is without “Red Coat” seeing them.  But, the plan goes awry when someone locks Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Mona in the house and sets in on fire.  Spencer and Toby are running around the woods together and Toby says something to the effect of “If something goes wrong, you know what to do.”  What the heck?  What does that mean?  What was she supposed to do?????

Apparently “Red Coat” is a part-time pilot and flies herself to the party in a small plane.  Spencer sees her in the woods and thinks that she sees Allison.  Toby follows someone else in the woods, and just when he realizes who it is, someone else knocks him out from behind and plants the lighter beside him – making it look like he set the fire.  Who else is in the woods???? Shauna?  Jenna? Melissa?

“Red Coat” pulls the other girls out of the house and then disappears.  Mona swears that it was Allison who pulled her out, and Hanna and Spencer confess that they thought they saw her too.  Is Allison alive?  Are all of the girls crazy?  Are they imagining that they saw Allison?  Does Allison have a twin sister that no one knew about?

If “Red Coat” wanted the girls turned over to her, why did she save them from the fire??  What was her plan originally?  What did she want to do?  How did the other people in the woods (Shauna, Melissa, Jenna) know that the girls were going to be there?  Are they all working together?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!

ezraariaAlso, on the Aria/Fitz front, they are not together.  Aria doesn’t know how to handle this whole Maggie/Malcolm thing.  She feels bad about him not being able to teach at Rosewood because of her.  And she is scared that “A” is going to use or hurt Malcolm.  So they break up.  But Fitz ain’t having it.  As Aria is trying to say goodbye, he grabs her and spins her around and gives her a steamy kiss in the high school stairway.

trunk gifThe girls leave the “party” house sans Toby.  Why would you leave that man alone in the woods??  Quit leaving him behind!!!!  And while the girls are driving back to Rosewood, they spot Detective Wilden’s previously sunken police car parked on the street of downtown Rosewood.  They notice that something is sketchy with the trunk, so they decide to open it.  The trunk opens, all the girls scream.  Then the girls (including Mona) all get a text message from “A” saying, “You’re mine now.” and the episode ends.  WHAT or WHO IS IN THE TRUNK?  Wilden?  Ms. Marin? Lucas? Caleb? Fitz? Toby? Allison?  Jason?

So, as my lovely friend Bethany pointed out, we are now back to square one.  We have no idea who “A” is.  Aria and Fitz are not together, but he is once again her teacher and there is some serious sexual tension in that Lit class. Toby is framed to look like he set a fire.  We don’t know if Allison is alive or dead.  Can we trust Mona?


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