Pretty Little Liars / TV Show Recaps

PLL 3×22 Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Let’s just get this out in the open:  There is NO WAY in Hades that Toby is actually dead.  There is no way.  They cannot do that to me.  It is impossible. There is no way that he is really dead. [Maybe if I say it enough, it will be true.]

So … Spencer is in the looney bin.  She does not tell anyone who she is, and enjoys not being “Spencer Hastings” for a little while.  While in the looney bin, she discovers a nurse guy who name is E. Lamb – the nametag that she found that Toby had been using to get in and out of Radley.  So is the real E. Lamb a sketchball, or did Toby just steal his nametag?  E. Lamb proceeds to tell Spencer about how Radley had to get a new name-badge system, because the system had been compromised, and that Toby’s mom used to be a patient there.  Who the heck knows what is going on with all this sketchy Radley business.  Spencer needs to get out of there.

Besides Spencer’s detective work, nothing else really happens.  Emily meets Missy Franklin … what??  Aria and Fitz may be on the fritz – let’s hope not!  … but things are getting complicated with the son and Maggie.  Oh, yeah – and Detective Wilden is alive???

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