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Nashville 1×13: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight


Rayna and Deacon

Rayna is really stressing over this divorce thing.  She is worried about her daughters and what this will do to them.  She gets on stage at a concert and misses her cue like five times.  Even Juliette is worried about her.

In order to drown her sorrows, Rayna goes out with that nasty guitar guy that she fired two episodes ago.  I think his name might be Liam or something.  Somehow they end up back in his hotel room making out, when Rayna suddenly has a moment of clarity.  Thank Goodness.  She tells him she needs a minute, and proceeds to have an emotional breakdown in his bathroom.  When she finally lets him in hours later, they have a nice conversation, and I think that Rayna is finally pulling herself together.

After the shows, when it’s time to leave town, Rayna says goodbye to Liam (with a kiss) in the hotel lobby.  And guess who sees … dun, dun, dun … Deacon.  Deacon is pissed and confronts Rayna saying that he wants nothing from her.  Now, Deacon is one of my favorite characters on tv right now.  And I really just need for him and Rayna to get together.  She really needs to quit screwing things up with Deacon.

Back at home in Nashville, oldest Conrad daughter, Maddie, overhears Teddy talking provocatively to Peggy on the phone.  When Rayna comes home to tell the girls about the divorce, Maddie tells Rayna that “he’s still with that woman – the woman from the campaign.”  Well this is news to Rayna because Teddy is a freaking liar.


Juliette is really stressing out about making changes to her image and the tour.  When she finds out that her agent goes behind her back and has several meeting with her band, she fires him.  Amidst the stress, of course she turns to Deacon.  He gives her a speech about isolating herself from everyone around her.  So she calls up her mom and asks her to move in with her after she gets out of rehab.

I want Tim Tebow boy to come back.  He is by far the most interesting thing to happen to Juliette’s storyline all season.

Scarlett and Gunnar

Gunnar’s Convict Brother is back in town.  Because Scarlett is just way too nice, Gunnar convinces her to let Convict Brother stay at their place for just one night.  After a few nice chats and one jam session, Scarlett is convinced that Convict Brother is actually a nice guy, so she tells Gunnar that he is free to stay at their place for a few more days.  But then we see that Convict Brother may still be a bad guy because he is carrying around an illegal gun.  Shame on him.


No one cares about Avery.


Fun Fact: Just read that every episode from Season 1 is named after a Hank Williams song.

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