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PLL 3×20 Hot Water


That is really the only important thing to happen on this episode of PLL.  Ezra came back.  His beautiful face has returned to Rosewood and back to my television screen.  But, he still does not know that Aria kissed Little Fitz, and I am pretty sure that he will not be too happy about that.

Hanna somehow spills the beans to her mother about all of the Little Liars’ theories of Ali being pregnant with Detective Wilden’s baby.  They also see Detective Wilden snatch CeCe off the sidewalk and throw her in his cop car.  Mama Marin is not happy about this and knows just how sketchy Wilden really is.  After Wilden surprises Mama Marin at dinner and interrogates her, she leaves the restaurant.  He then follows her in his car and pulls her over on yet another scary secluded road.  Do all of these girls live in cabins in the woods?  Why are they always running around in the forest?    When Wilden gets aggressive and looks like he is reaching for his gun, Mama Marin runs him over with her car.  Whoops!  She goes and gets Hanna and returns to the scene of the crime to find that Wilden’s body is no longer there.  And the handy dandy webcam in the cop car caught the whole thing on tape.

Emily runs into CeCe after Wilden grabs her, and CeCe is packing a bag looking like she’s getting out of dodge.  CeCe tells her that she believes that Wilden got Ali pregnant and then killed her to keep it a secret.  But she doesn’t know what to believe now, because she knows that Ali could tell a good lie.  She also tells Emily that Melissa Hastings took the picture of Ali, CeCe, and Wilden on the boat that summer. Conclusion: Melissa is still just as sketchy as we’ve always thought.

Spencer went out with Wren again, and someone was watching as they made out on the sidewalk.  Later, she returns home to her personal sauna/shower with a LCD touch screen – who has one of those in their house?  I mean, really?  Anyways, someone locks her in the sauna/shower with a plunger and sets the steam to a high temperature.  “A” writes a message letting her know that this was revenge for going out with Wren.  Just when Spencer thinks she going to be burned alive in the sauna [I mean, do people really die in tragic sauna accidents?], Aria runs in, removes the plunger lock, and saves the day.  Now, Spencer finally decides that it is time to tell the girls about Toby.

I still miss Toby.


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