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Bachelor: Sean – Episode 8 – Hometowns


AshLee and Sean’s day in Houston begins with them sitting on a blanket in a field talking.  Because that’s all they do is talk.  She is just not a fun, exciting person.  She just always wants to talk about her over thought feelings.

When they arrive at her parents’ house, all of the activities are held outdoors.  They sit on the patio and talk.  They have dinner at a giant table out in the yard.  No one ever goes inside.  Theory: the people are hoarders and that’s what spurred AshLee’s career as a personal organizer.

AshLee’s parents are super sweet and her dad tells a tearjerker of a story about falling in love with four-year-old AshLee the first time he met her.  What a sweet man.

Thoughts on AshLee:  This girl is just too emotionally unstable.  I just cannot handle her crying every two minutes.  Every little thing does not have to be turned into a life changing experience.  The Polar Bear Plunge, for instance.  This was just a fun thing to do, it did not have to represent you leaving your “abandonment issues” at the bottom of the lake.  Lame.  I for sure thought that she was going home this week.  Oh, well.  Whenever Sean does send her home, she is going to have a major meltdown.

Hometown Score: 5.5 – great family, dumb date, don’t like AshLee


Unlike AshLee, Catherine is loads of fun.  Catherine and Sean spend the day touring the city of Seattle, catching flying fish at the market, sitting on a giant piggy bank, and contributing to a giant wall of gum.  1,000 Fun Points for Catherine!

When Sean meets her family, everyone seems to be having a great time and all of the women seem to be loving Sean.  When the serious conversations start, that’s when things get awkward.  Catherine’s sisters do not have very encouraging things to say about their sister.  They tell Sean that Catherine is not ready to settle down and that if he doesn’t support her the way she wants him to, she will just leave him.  I could not believe the way that they were talking about her.  Shame on them.  Then Sean talks to Catherine’s mom to get her blessing for marriage.  She kind of avoids the question.  “Well … why don’t we just wait and see when the time comes…” AWKWARD.

Thoughts on Catherine:  She is cool.  She is beautiful.  She is fun.  Pick her, Sean!  Who cares if her sisters are a little strange.  She is the only normal girl you have left.

Hometown Score: 8 – love Catherine, super fun day, iffy family time


Lindsay is also a lot of fun, but maybe a little too silly.  The couple spends the day roaming around the quiet little military town.  They eat cupcakes, go antiquing, and discuss what Sean is to call her dad.  Mister? Mark? General?  Lindsay is no help and doesn’t know what Sean should say.  This makes Sean very nervous.

Meeting the Yenter’s goes great.  Lindsay’s mother is absolutely lovely – warm, genuine, and sweet.  Sean’s talk with Lindsay’s dad goes well, and he gives Sean & Lindsay the authority to make their own decision about marriage in the future.

Thoughts on Lindsay:  She is my second choice.  She is fun and pretty.  But she talks in that baby voice and sometimes seems a little too ditzy.

Hometown Score: 7 – Fun day, great family, Lindsay is okay


All season when people would say that Des was their pick, I would say, “She is the one from the previews whose boyfriend comes back and says that he still loves her.  Sean doesn’t like drama, so I bet she goes home.”  Well guess what … IT’S NOT REAL!!  It was a joke.  Des got an actor to come and pretend to be her ex-boyfriend to get Sean back for playing that joke on her on their first date at the art gallery.  Go Des!  Hilarious joke – you have fooled me all season.

brotherWhen Des’s family arrives, everything seems to be going well.  Her parents are super friendly and really like Sean.  Then, the shiznit hit the fan.  Des’s brother is a jerk.  He pulls Sean outside, questions his character, and calls him a “playboy.”  This infuriates Sean because “his character and integrity are of utmost importance to him.”  Pretty sure that the boy is the black sheep of the family anyway, and Des should not have invited him to the party.  The atmosphere at the house is so tension-filled now, that Sean leaves the date.

Thoughts on Des:  Des is great.  She is pretty, smart, artistic, humble, and sweet.  Her brother is psychotic.

Hometown Score: 3 – Des is wonderful, but the situation with the brother ruined everything.

Rose Ceremony

Sean tells the girls that he doesn’t know who he is sending home.  He probably should not tell them that.  After much deliberation and some not-so-specific advice from Chris Harrison, Sean sends Des home.  Sad day.  I am pretty sure that she will never speak to her brother again.  Because, let’s face it, he ruined it for her.  I really wish that he would have sent AshLee home.


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