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Pretty Little Liars Recap: 3×19 “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted”

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Homegirl has gone postal. We open with a concern for Spencer’s perfect attendance record. Apparently she was at schoool, just laying low. Spencer and Potential Hottie are in a heated argument. He’s kicking  Spencer  off the decathalon team… her sole reason for living… and Mona was behind it. While whipping up vomit and pickles in her blender, Potential Hottie pays Spencer a call. She issues an ultimatum and a challenge- strip studying. Next scene, Potential Hottie’s status is confirmed with bulging biceps and an intelligent mind equally as attractive. potentialhottieThat sweater vest was keeping a lot hidden! Surprise. Emily crashes the study party and Potential Hottie exits stage right. All the while, Spencer looks like a strung out crack head (tiger sweater. enough said)

Melissa is back! Wait. Wren is back! (mmmm. british accent. me likey.) Mona has somehow convinced Dr. Wren to check on Spencer. She locospencersees an opportunity and tricks him into taking her to the site of the Decathalon Tournament- where she’s been banned. During this entire episode, Spencer seems psycho, like schizophrenic/multiple personalities/bi-polar psycho. It all comes to a head when Mona takes a jab at Spencer’s friendships (or lack there of) and Spencer goes loco crazy on Mona’s arse.


Mission: Reunite Baby and Daddy. Hanna spends the whole episode trying to finagle Caleb and Uncle Jamie into admitting they’re father and son. Unfortunately, Uncle/Daddy Jamie has a history with the law. It looks like Uncle/Daddy Jamie is going to stand Caleb up. Fortunately, he makes an appearance. They meet each other halfway at the coffee shop and have an off calebhaircamera heart to heart. In effort to give them more time together, Hanna gets Jamie a job at Pastor Ted’s church. Don’t get too excited! It looks like Uncle/Daddy Jamie is still a thief. Anyone else think calling a grown man “Jamie” is slightly odd?

I fell to my knees in thanks when Caleb finally got a hair cut…. unfortunately, I’m still not satisfied. Just. One. More. Trim.


Flirting with Little Fitz. The Fitz Boys’ mother has found Baby Fitz, now he’s on the lam. They bond at a random still life photo shoot of CeCe’s boutique. After she fakes a towed car (this babyfitzconfused me. I’m not sure of her ulterior motives) Baby Fitz ends up crashing at Aria’s.  In a moment of confused vulnerability (after a really bad rap)… they kiss! This can not happen! My loyalty is to Ezra Fitz. I am not okay with this. Bring Big Fitz back!


Still on the case… Emily confronts Jason about his sister’s supposed pregnancy at the time of her death. Making a pit stop at Jason’s house, they discover a prank of free alcohol. Not really sure of the message A is trying to send, but for a minute I’m really scared. photoCommercial break and they never address it again. Eventually, Emily and Jason track down a photograph of Allie and Detective Wilden at his dad’s high rise office building. Who else is in the picture? None other than the deceptively sweet… Cece! Suddenly, their trapped in an elevator and right when I think elevatorEmily’s about to be severed in half by the falling elevator, the entire car crashes who knows how many floors… with Jason inside. He’s dead for sure.

Psyche! Emily visits Jason in the hospital where he seems badly bruised but not broken. Naturally, in all the craziness, the damning photograph disappears. Emily leaves for 2 seconds only to have Jason disappear from his hospital bed. (Either everyone in this show is super unobservant or it’s set in a time where teleportation has been successfully implemented)

My suspicions- Cece killed Alli. My hopes- Toby still isn’t bad, he’s just playing the double agent. Fingers crossed.

P.S. Remember that creepy ghost girl that showed up one Halloween episode? Whatever happened with that? I still have nightmares about that kid….


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