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PLL – 3×18 – Dead to Me


Thoughts on last nights PLL:

1. Where is Toby?  I miss him.

2. Where is Ezra?  I miss him, too.

3. Spencer has completely lost it.  She is not wearing makeup or fixing her hair.  Girl is keying Toby’s name into a gravestone.  She needs to pull it together or just to give up and make-out with Toby some more.  I mean, who really cares if he is “A”?  Not me.

4. Mona is still extra creepy – showing up at Dr. Sullivan’s office and talking to Spencer about her “A Game.”

5. Where are Toby and Ezra?  I still miss them.

6. For a total of 20 minutes, I was led to believe that Emily killed Alison.  For this 20 minutes, I was utterly confused.  Then, we find out that Dr. Sullivan is not very good at hypnotherapy, and Emily’s dreams/visions were mixed up.  Emily did not kill Alison, but Emily was there the night Alison’s grave was dug up and so was A and so was “the girl in the red coat” – who is now apparently in charge.

7. What was the point of the storyline with Ezra’s little brother??

8.  I was confused about the key and it being like playing a game of “He loves me, He loves me not” with flower petals.  What was Spencer hoping to find in the room?  Hydrangeas??

So, who is the girl in the red coat?  Alison? Is Alison alive? Does Alison have a twin? Is it CeCe?

What does Detective Linden have to do with anything?

Will Toby and Spencer ever get back together?

Will Ezra and Aria ever get back together?


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