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Nashville 1×12: I’ve Been Down That Road Before


Deacon and Rayna

Rayna is still all flustered by Deacon going on tour with Juliette.  She fired Deacon, her long time best friend and lead guitarist and former lover, in order to avoid the temptation of jumping his bones every time he picked up that guitar and sang a song about how much he loves her.  But now he’s back and stirring up all of those emotions right when Rayna’s relationship with husband Teddy is on the rocks.  Which is great, because I love love love Deacon and Rayna.  I mean, when they sing together, I just can’t keep it together.  Love them.

Disclaimer: Beth and I often discuss the huge difference between our “real life morals” and our “television morals.”  Please note that in real life, I would never advocate adultery.  But in the fictional world of television, I am all for Deacon and Rayna and their steamy sexual tension.  Glad we cleared that up.

Teddy is not happy that Deacon has joined the tour – he is completely aware of the affect that Deacon has on Rayna.  And Teddy wants to work things out with Rayna, right? … Nope.  Enter Peggy, aka Brad Paisley’s real-life wife.  We the viewer knew that something sketchy was going on between Peggy and Teddy, but we were led to believe that it all had to do with that financial mess that Teddy had gotten himself into.  Teddy runs into Peggy on the street, offers her a ride home, and then they end up in bed together.  And during their adulterated pillow-talk, we find out that they DID have an affair in the past, even though Teddy swore up and down that they never slept together.  LIAR!

Back on tour in Chicago, the tension between Rayna and Deacon is so thick, you could cut it with a butter knife.  Deacon is ignoring Rayna, and Rayna is trying to understand why he is there.  There are few scenes like this that are so awkward I can’t handle it.  Then, Rayna is on the elevator, and Deacon slides in just before the doors close.  Rayna starts babbling and asking question about why Deacon is on this tour, and Deacon looks like he is ignoring her again and not paying attention, and then this happens


Hooray for elevator kisses! Push her up against that wall, Deacon!  Deacon gets off at his floor and Rayna rides the elevator in silence to her penthouse suite.  She paces around her room trying to process what just happened and decides that she needs to “talk” to Deacon.  She sends him a text and waits for him to arrive.  Deacon jumps at the chance to “talk” to Rayna in her penthouse and makes his way to her room.  There is a knock at the door, Rayna answers, and it’s … Teddy?  What are you doing here, Teddy?  At this point, I get super nervous that Deacon is going to come up to the room and there is going to be an awkward confrontation between Deacon and Teddy.  But, thank goodness, Deacon sees Teddy in the hallway and hides around the corner before anyone notices that he is there.

Teddy sits Rayna down and asks for a divorce.  Let me tell you why this is a good thing – that Teddy asked and not Rayna: it lets Rayna off the hook.  She doesn’t have to bear the guilt of breaking up her marriage and family because she loves Deacon.  Teddy asked for the divorce, she says okay, and she can live happily ever after with that hunk of a guitar player.  It really is better this way.


Juliette has decided that she does not want to be a pop star princess anymore.  She doesn’t like the production that goes into her shows – costumes, smoke, dancers.  Her team does not like this and encourages her to stick to her “brand.”  Deacon tells her that she needs to quit thinking about doing something different, and just DO something different.  So, at the next show, Juliette goes on stage wearing normal clothes and sings a beautiful, simple song with Deacon on guitar.  Her agent is furious and shows her tweets that someone posted saying that it was a fail.  Juliette wallows in self-pity for a few minutes, until her sweet assistant shows her that her song is a major hit on youtube and people love it.  Yay for Juliette.

Scarlett and Gunnar

I wish these two would just hurry up and get together – they are so cute.  We find out that Scarlett is having trouble paying her rent and Gunnar’s roommates are jerks, so the logical solution is for Gunnar to move in with Scarlett.  Of course this is a wonderful idea, because there is no way that they are going to be able to live together and not love each other.  After Gunnar moves his stuff into the house, Avery finally decides to be a good person and bring Scarlett the money that he owes her.  He mouths off to Gunnar about Scarlett being “his woman,” and then Gunnar is a man and stands up for Scarlett.  Avery throws one punch, and in one swift motion, Gunnar hits Avery three times and knocks him to the ground.  Go Gunnar!!  Avery is a loser, and he deserved that.  I am really rooting for Scarlett and Gunnar.  It’s just a matter of time for those two.


This was me when Deacon kissed Rayna in the elevator – I mean, I had been waiting all season for them to kiss.


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