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New Girl 2×16: Table 34

So last week on New Girl, this happened:


And this week on New Girl, Nick is being super weird about it.  Every time he sees Jess, he “panic moonwalks” away – hilarious – where do the writers come up with these things??

So Jess runs to talk to CeCe about kissing Nick and CeCe tells her that she has signed up to go to an Indian Marriage Convention.  Unbeknownst to the girls, Schmidt is also registered for the event in an effort to win CeCe back and has corralled Nick and Winston to come along too.

Things that happen at the convention:

  1. Schmidt wears this:schmidt
  2. Schmidt says to CeCe, “I’m a squirrel.  You’re my nut.  Winter’s coming.  I’m gonna store you in my cheek girl.”
  3. Schmidt gets turned on watching CeCe playing the hula-hoop circle pass game (I’m sure that game has an official name – I just don’t know it.)
  4. The director of the convention, a middle-aged traditional Indian woman really likes Winston and touches him inappropriately several times.
  5. Jess and Nick try to convince each other and themselves that their kiss did not mean anything.
  6. Jess and Nick build a super strong table out of newspaper and masking tape and win the team-building contest.
  7. Jess confesses to Sam that she kissed Nick.
  8. Sam punches Nick, breaks up with Jess, and then gives Nick medical advice on how to nurse his wounds.
  9. Schmidt stands up and gives a beautiful speech about how he thought Indians were supposed to be smart, but apparently they are all “blind idiots” because none of them seem to be interested in “The Brown Angel.”  Awww.

Back at the loft, Nick tries to make Jess feel better about her breakup with Sam, but instead, he says some pretty dumb things.  They say a super awkward goodnight as they try to navigate the waters of friendship turning into love.

AND…  CeCe and Schmidt get it on!!  I am so happy that are somewhat back together.  Schmidt leaves his turban on at the request of CeCe and does a special magic carpet move in honor of CeCe’s heritage.


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